Health and Life Sciences Career Initiative Program Summary


Health and Life Sciences Career Initiative Program Summary

The Health and Life Sciences Career Initiative (HL-SCI) is a three-year program funded by the U.S. Department of Labor that seeks to prepare unemployed or underemployed individuals (including veterans, trade adjustment assistance impacted workers, dislocated workers and others) for careers in the health and life sciences. The HL-SCI grant will help prepare underemployed and unemployed individuals by using Prior Learning Assessments to document skills and knowledge that they already have. For more information about the program and how it will achieve its objectives see our presentation document or presentation video:

This program is being implemented by a consortium of seven Connecticut State institutions. For more specific information regarding available degree and certificate programs, feel free to visit the grant participants' websites:

Who Are You?

Are you ... a parent, a caregiver, a little league coach, a volunteer firefighter, a musician, a sports fan, a vintage car enthusiast, a marathon runner, a quilter, an artist, a fundraiser, a cook, a world traveler, a HAM radio operator, a poet?

As adults we learn what we need or want to learn to accomplish what we need or want to accomplish.

Learning may have happened in a classroom or by ... reading, surfing the web, researching, having a mentor, practicing, attending lectures or community events, visiting museums or in many other ways.

Prior learning assessment helps you think through the areas of your life where what you have learned may be advanced enough that college level credit can be awarded.

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)

There are a few different ways that we can determine whether the learning you have gained is advanced enough to earn college credit. They include assessing what you know by taking tests, presenting credentials for evaluation and demonstrating your knowledge by developing a learning portfolio.

To watch a short presentation on PLA and the Health and Life Sciences Career Initiative.

There are many prior learning testing options. On the Charter Oak website there is more information regarding credit for testing/exams.

Information on prior learning portfolios can be found on the Charter Oak website.

Special Information for Veterans

Veterans have an edge in prior learning assessment because the American Council on Education has thoroughly evaluated the training and skills veterans have acquired during their service. See more information specific to veterans interested in the HL-SCI program.

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