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Certificate in Leadership in Health Care Administration

This certificate is primarily intended for students who are already employed in the health care industry (clinical, allied health, insurance, medical office, etc.). All courses may be completed online, and all credits will apply toward degree requirements at Charter Oak State College.

Certificate Requirements:

Students must take one of the following:

  • HCA 101: Health Care Systems and Administration
  • HCA 401: Regulatory & Accrediting Agencies Requirements for Health Care Organization
3 cr
HCA 301: Contemporary Ethical Issues in Health Care3 cr
HCA 311: Health Care Economics3 cr
HCA 350: Transcultural Competency in Health Care Administration3 cr
HCA 411: Health Care Law3 cr
HCA 450: Leadership in Health Care Administration3 cr
Total18 cr

Up to two courses already taken at other colleges and universities may be submitted for transfer evaluation.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students who complete a certificate in Leadership in Health Care Administration will be able to:

  1. identify and explain factors that impact behavior in the health care field;
  2. explain how understanding diversity is important to the health care field;
  3. describe patient rights measures;
  4. evaluate and interpret economic factors that influence health care decisions;
  5. identify and apply decision-making strategies related to the health care field;
  6. demonstrate an understanding of legal/ethical issues in business/clinical practices;
  7. apply leadership competencies; and
  8. assess global factors affecting the health care industry.

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