Information Literacy Requirement

Student Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to locate, evaluate, synthesize and use information from a variety of sources and understand the ethical issues involved in accessing and using information. You have several ways to satisfy the Information Literacy General Education requirement through Charter Oak:

  • Charter Oak's ITE 100 Computer Literacy course - This course is a self paced (maximum of 3 months to complete) online course yielding 1 credit for those who pass. It is offered each semester and is graded on a pass/fail basis. See the Charter Oak State College Course Schedule for more information on this option.
  • Many of Charter Oak's courses, in a wide variety of subject areas, fulfill this General Education requirement. Please see the current Course Schedule or Charter Oak's Official Catalog for a listing of these courses.
  • Charter Oak State College's Information Literacy Test. This option is a 35 question multiple choice test. It does not yield credit, but earning a passing score (at least 80%) results in a waiver of the requirement. (Free of charge; this option is available only once. If a "Pass" is not earned on the first try, another method of fulfilling the requirement must be pursued.)

Charter Oak State College Information Literacy Test

Description: A passing score on this multiple choice exam yields a waiver of the Information Literacy General Education requirement. In order to "Pass," you must earn a score of 28 out of a possible 35 points. You will be given 30 minutes to complete the test and you will have the opportunity to take the test just once. If a "Pass" is not earned on the first try, another method of fulfilling the requirement must be pursued

How to Register for the Charter Oak State College Information Literacy Test

The Information Literacy Exam is given by appointment at Charter Oak State College. To make an appointment, please contact the Testing/Registrar's Office by calling (860) 515-3708 or email - If you live outside the area, you may make arrangements to have the test proctored locally by contacting Paul Morganti, Associate Registrar, by email at or by telephone at (860) 515-3823. The guidelines for setting up a proctored exam are:

  1. The student selects a proctor and makes arrangements to have his/her examination supervised according to the following guidelines:
    1. Proctor: Examinations must be supervised by faculty members of accredited colleges or universities, high school counselors or principals, education officers in business and industry or in the military, or another unrelated third party, such as a librarian. The student's employer, co-worker or relative may not supervise the exam. Supervision by someone who does not meet these criteria must be approved by the Associate Registrar at (860) 515-3823.
    2. Location: The examination must be administered in an educational or professional location, such as a classroom or the proctor's office.
  2. The student and proctor must complete the Registration form and the "Application for Examination" section of the Registration for Charter Oak State College Exam (Out of State Students Only) form and return it to the Registrar's office one month prior to the desired testing date. You may request these forms by contacting the Associate Registrar by emailing or calling (860) 515-3823.

Preparing for the Charter Oak State College Information Literacy Test

This test is geared to those who are confident in their knowledge of information literacy. If you wish to review a reliable resource to prepare for the test, it is recommended that you visit Charter Oak's online library, iCONN, by going to the Charter Oak portal - ACORN and following the directions to the library. Click on iCONN and follow the directions to enter. Next choose "Tutorials" at the upper right corner of the page. At the bottom of the next screen, you will see: General Guides to Improve Searching Skills. You will find four (4) tutorials that will help you brush up on your skills:

General Guides To Improve Searching Skills

If you do not have access to the Internet, please contact Wanda F. Warshauer by email at or (860) 515-3841 for alternate study resources.