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Health Information Management Bachelor's Degree Program

CAHIIM Accredited Health Information Management Online Bachelor's Degree Program

The first 4-year HIM program in New England accredited by CAHIIM

Get College credit for your credentials!

  • CPC, CCS, CPMA, RHIT, CISSP, CISM, COC, and more!
  • Accelerated online courses
  • Six start dates
  • Flexible credit transfer
  • Expert faculty and a program designed for working professionals
  • RHIA exam prep built into program
  • Professional advising support at every step
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Health Information Major

Graduates of the HIM program will have the skills and knowledge needed to manage patient data and work with electronic health records in today's health care environments. Our program is guided by the principle of quality healthcare through quality information.

All foundation and major requirements must be completed with a grade of 'C' or higher.

  • Foundation Requirements

    HCA 101: Health Care Systems and Administration3 cr
    HCA 105: Medical Terminology3 cr
  • Major Requirements

    HIM 115: Principles of Health Information Management3 cr
    HIM 200: Health Information Systems and Databases3 cr
    HIM 205: Reimbursement Methodologies3 cr
    HIM 210: Medical Coding and Billing I - ICD-103 cr
    HIM 211: Medical Coding and Billing II - CPT3 cr
    HIM 300: Medical Vocabularies and Classification Systems3 cr
    HIM 305: Health Information Services Management and Leadership3 cr
    HIM 315: Health Statistics3 cr
    HIM 320: Electronic Health Records and Health Information Exchange3 cr
    HIM 405: Health Care Information Law, Privacy, and Security3 cr
    HIM 420: Health Care Research and Quality3 cr
    HIM 435: Health Care Data Analytics and Information Governance3 cr
    MGT 460: Project Management3 cr
    HIM 498: Health Information Management Practicum3 cr
    HIM 499: Health Information Management Capstone3 cr

    Note: 21 of these credits must be completed at Charter Oak, including HIM 498 & HIM 499.

  • Additional Requirements

    These courses must be completed in order to satisfy a portion of the general education requirements for this degree.

    BIO 130: Human Biology (Natural Science) *4 cr
    BIO 212: Anatomy & Physiology (Natural Science) *3 cr
    BIO 215: Pathophysiology (Natural Science) *3 cr
    HCA 301: Contemporary Ethical Issues in Health Care (Ethical Decision Making)3 cr
    HCA 350: Transcultural Competency in HCA (Global Understanding)3 cr
    MAT 105: Statistics (Mathematics)3 cr

    * These courses must be completed with a grade of 'C' or higher.

  • Student Learning Outcomes

    Student Learning Outcomes

    Students who graduate with a major in Health Information Management will be able to:

    1. demonstrate an understanding of the different fields of medical science, information technology, and business management applicable in health information management.
    2. demonstrate a fundamental knowledge of facts, terms, and concepts important to the processing of health information.
    3. apply information acquisition skills to the processing, maintenance, and security of health information.
    4. demonstrate an ability to do the coding and billing important in the processing of health information.
    5. understand database information technology and apply it to modern electronic medical records management.
    6. understand and use quantitative and qualitative research methodologies in health information management
    7. demonstrate an understanding of the importance of maintaining quality management techniques in health information management.
    8. demonstrate an understanding of the importance of the maintenance of staff development in health information management.
    9. understand and use project management techniques and their application to modern business management.

Please note the following Criminal Background Check and Drug Screen Information: Completing a HIM degree requires the successful participation in an on ground internship/practicum. Students may be subject to a criminal background check and drug screening prior to being placed in any internship. Furthermore, anyone convicted of a felony and even some misdemeanors will not be able to complete most certification and licensing exams, nor find gainful employment in most health care settings.

In addition to our HIM bachelor's degree program, we also offer a Certificate in Health Information Management.


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HIM 2017 Program Outcomes

RHIA Exam Pass Rate:  87.5 % compared to the national pass rate of 72%.
Employment:  90.0% of graduates are employed in HIM or a related field (10 out of 11 graduates).
Transfer Credits:  Ranged from 9-122 with an average of 64 and a median of 66