Speech and Language Pathology Assistant Certificate

Woman teaching to a young student

A continuing education and professional development opportunity for those committed to achieving their career objectives in the specialized field of Speech and Language Pathology.

Charter Oak State College has developed this online certificate to train students to work as Speech and Language Pathology Assistants (SLPA’s) in Connecticut schools. Students must be CT residents to enter this program and they must either have an associate degree or be enrolled in an associate degree program.

  • Introduction to Language and Communication Development

    3 credits
  • Standards and Practices for SLPA’s

    3 credits
  • Anatomy and Physiology of Speech and Hearing Mechanisms

    3 credits
  • Methods of Intervention for Speech Disorders

    3 credits
  • Methods of Intervention for Language Disorders

    3 credits
  • Language & Literacy Development

    3 credits
  • Language & Communication Development in Autism

    3 credits
  • Speech and Language Pathology Assistant Practicum

    3 credits

Outcomes & Pathways

Students who graduate with the certificate in Speech and Language Pathology Studies (SLPS) will be able to:

  • understand and articulate how speech and language develops;
  • describe speech/language and hearing disorders;
  • use and explain evidence-based intervention techniques to evoke and sustain communication behaviors;
  • explain environmental factors that can support or erode the efficacy of treatment;
  • explain the role of the SLPA in supporting the SLP;
  • explain the role of the SLPA in serving on a multi-disciplinary team within a comprehensive service delivery system and the importance of that role;
  • utilize best practices in establishing and sustaining a culturally and linguistically responsive environment; and
  • demonstrate proficiency in the technical skills required of a speech and language pathology assistant.

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