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Alternate Route to Certification in Early Childhood Education

Charter Oak State College building

Certification Offered

Charter Oak State College offers an alternate route to the Connecticut Birth through Five teaching certificate (112 endorsement). This teaching certificate qualifies professionals to work in a variety of settings such as public preschools, Birth to Three Early Intervention services, and public kindergartens.

Cohorts begin each August 1 and January 2.

Download the ECE ARC Application (PDF)

Applications are accepted throughout the year.

Minimum Qualifications

To be considered for the program, applicants must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Have completed a bachelor's degree with 15 credits in human growth and development.
  • Have passed the Praxis I or have SAT scores of at least 1100 and received a waiver from the State Department of Education.
  • Have attained a 3.0 cumulative GPA. Students with GPAs between 2.7 and 3.0 may petition in writing for consideration of a waiver based on a history of exceptional professional experience.
  • Have at least three years of verified full-time experience as an early childhood educator (with children ages birth through five) or as a home visitor providing educational services to families with children between the ages of birth to five.
  • Two professional references.

Additional Considerations

All qualified students will be interviewed for the program. Acceptance decisions will take into consideration candidates' knowledge base in early childhood, strength of references, depth and breadth of work experiences, and capacity for academic inquiry as indicated by academic history and written and oral expression skills.

Program Overview

This program will consist of intensive and accelerated instruction by expert faculty. Accepted students must complete a self-study assessment prior to the beginning of program instruction and meet with the ECE ARC coordinator to discuss individual learning goals and needs. All students will receive orientation in the use of on-line learning technology and Charter Oak State College resources. Students will complete on-line coursework as well as meet for weekend classes on Saturdays twice a month. Additionally, students must be able to complete multiple field based projects throughout the duration of the program as well as complete a four week unpaid full-time internship towards the end of the program. Field sites for the internship will be selected for the students by the ECE ARC coordinator. Students must successfully complete all portions of the program as well as a final portfolio assessment in order to be recommended for teacher certification. Students who complete the ECE ARC program must obtain employment for 90 days with a temporary teaching certificate prior to receiving their initial teaching certification from the State Department of Education.

Program Costs

Tuition for the next cohort of the program is $6995.

Payment plans are available.

For More Information

Contact: Jo-Ann Williams, ARC ECE Coordinator, Charter Oak State College, (860) 515-3878,