Health Insurance Customer Service Certificate

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The Certificate in Health Insurance Customer Services is designed for students who are interested in career development within the Health Insurance industry.

It is also appropriate for individuals seeking to transition into the Health Insurance industry. All of the courses are available in an online accelerated format through Charter Oak.

Certificate Requirements

Course NameCourse Number# of credits
Intro to Health Care Systems & AdministrationHCA 1013
Medical TerminologyHCA 1053
Reimbursement MethodologiesHIM 2053
Principles of Health Information ManagementHIM 115 (formerly HCA 115)3
Health Care QualityHCA2013
Management Information SystemsITE 1013

Student Learning Outcomes

Students who complete a certificate in health insurance customer service should be able to:

  1. describe the different types of healthcare delivery systems and services
  2. compare past, present, and anticipated changes in the healthcare environment
  3. demonstrate an appreciation of factors that impact behavior in the healthcare field
  4. demonstrate an understanding of medical terminology
  5. describe insurance claim processing from multiple perspectives
  6. demonstrate an understanding of maintenance and use of medical records
  7. use research methods appropriate to the field
  8. demonstrate an understanding of patient rights measures
  9. demonstrate an understanding of how healthcare quality is delivered, measured, and monitored
  10. describe various payment sources and the populations they serve
  11. demonstrate an understanding of healthcare financial risk
  12. assess customer service and client satisfaction
  13. identify process improvement concepts and principles and apply to the healthcare field
  14. demonstrate an understanding of computer applications used in healthcare
  15. demonstrate and apply decision-making strategies related to the healthcare field
  16. demonstrate an understanding of ethical responsibilities in business and clinical practices

Grades of C or higher must be earned in each certificate course.

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