Credit Registry

Charter Oak State College offers a credit evaluation and record-keeping service for people who wish to accumulate credits on a transcript for the purpose of professional certification or development.

Only individuals who do not wish to earn a degree from Charter Oak State College, but need to maintain records of their continuing professional education, would benefit from one of the registries listed below.

Credit registry is provided for:

  1. Connecticut teachers who wish to use standardized examinations in meeting certification requirements;
  2. Individuals who have completed a non-collegiate program that has been evaluated for credit by the Connecticut Credit Assessment Program (CCAP); and
  3. Individuals who have completed a non-collegiate program that has been approved for credit by the American Council on Education, Charter Oak State College faculty or the National Program on Noncollegiate Sponsored Instruction.
  4. Excluding the following organizations:
    • Consortium for International Studies (CIS)
    • Coopersmith
    • Rechtschaffen Institute of Judaic Studies (RIJS)
    • Tor Academy
    • FEMA Independent Study courses (IS)
    • LawShelf Educational Media

Non-degree seeking students can open up a credit registry with us at any time. Registry students will have up to one year (after applying) to add credits to the registry. After one year, in order to add more credits, students must pay the reactivation fee. Non-degree students wishing to pursue the registry must complete the Credit Registry form, make payment, and have all official transcripts sent directly to Charter Oak. Once all credits are entered onto the registry transcript, students will be able to request a transcript free of charge. Credit Registry transcription is permanent. The credits will always be available on the registry transcript, even after the one year period has ended.

Credit Registry Fees

See infomation and details about related fees in our Official Catalog.

For more detailed information about the credit registry, contact Paul Morganti by email ( or by phone at (860) 515-3823.