CT-WAGE (Connecticut Workforce Advancement Grants for Education)

CT-WAGE and WIT graduates

The CT-WAGE (Connecticut Workforce Advancement Grants for Education) program was established in 2008 by the Connecticut Legislature to help married and single male or female parents in low-income jobs complete their college degrees online.

The program’s online study aspect contributes to reducing the student’s cost for childcare and need for transportation to a college campus. CT-WAGE is supported by state funding and provides federal Pell Grants to qualifying students.

Student Support

  • Loan of a laptop computer
  • Internet service reimbursement
  • Free books for Charter Oak courses
  • Reimbursement for books for courses taken at other accredited institutions of higher education
  • Academic, career and personal counseling
  • Personal and professional development workshops

Participation Requirements

  • Must be a resident of CT.
  • Must be the parent of a child or children with whom you are actively involved and to whom you provide some degree of financial support
  • Household income meets Federal Poverty and State Median Income Guidelines
  • Must have 36-45 transferable credits (fewer will be considered in special cases) earned at an accredited institution(s) of higher education and/or through testing or military credit
  • Must have maintained a minimum 2.3 Quality Point Average in earning those credits
  • Must meet eligibility requirements for Federal Financial Aid
  • Must be willing to take a minimum of two courses during each semester (fall and spring) and one summer course until meeting Associate and/or Bachelor’s degree credit requirements

For further information, please contact Wanda Warshauer, Director of Academic Services at wwarshauer@charteroak.edu or 860-515-3841.