General Education Outcomes (GEOs) by Discipline

Course #NameCRLevelGen Ed CodeLiberal Arts
ANT 102Cultural Anthropology3LDbgynY
ANT 499Anthropology Capstone3UDbyY
Course #NameCRLevelGen Ed CodeLiberal Arts
ASE 220Prin of Positive Youth Development3LDyN
ASE 255Intro to After School Care & Educ3LDyN
ASE 260Program Environ & Curric Dev in ASE3LDyN
ASE 265Child & Adolescent Development3LDyN
ASE 270Supervision & Leadership in ASE3LDyN
ASE 499Child & Youth Development Capstone3UDyN
Course #NameCRLevelGen Ed CodeLiberal Arts
BIO 105Nutrition3LDsyY
BIO 110Biology 1 with Lab4LDsyY
BIO 120Genetics with Lab4LDsyY
BIO 130Human Biology with Lab4LDsY
BIO 212Anatomy & Physiology3LDsY
BIO 215Pathophysiology3LDsY
BIO 311Cell Biology3UDsY
Course #NameCRLevelGen Ed CodeLiberal Arts
BUS 120Business Law3LDyN
BUS 201Business Statistics3LDqY
BUS 250International Business3LDgyN
Course #NameCRLevelGen Ed CodeLiberal Arts
CHE 101Chemistry with Lab4LDsyY
Course #NameCRLevelGen Ed CodeLiberal Arts
COM 101Speech Communication3LDoyY
COM 326Organizational Communication3UDbyY
COM 499Communication Capstone3UDyY
Course #NameCRLevelGen Ed CodeLiberal Arts
CRJ 101Criminal Justice3LDbY
CRJ 210Forensic Science3LDsyY
CRJ 215Criminology3bY
CRJ 315Race, Class & Gndr in Crim. Jst. Sy3UDb,yY
CRJ 325Ethics in Criminal Justice3UDdY
CRJ 405Victim's Rights and Services3UDbY
Course #NameCRLevelGen Ed CodeLiberal Arts
ECE 205Diversity & Ethics in ECE3LDdY
ECE 215Behavior Mgt in Early Childhood3LDyN
ECE 247Child Development: Birth to Eight3LDyN
ECE 250Admin & Supervision in ECE Programs3LDyN
ECE 320Global Perspectives in ECE3UDgy
ECE 350History of Montessori Education3UDbyY
ECE 499Child Studies Capstone3UDyN
Course #NameCRLevelGen Ed CodeLiberal Arts
ESC 120Astronomy3LDsyY
ESC 121Astronomy Lab1LDsyY
Course #NameCRLevelGen Ed CodeLiberal Arts
ECO 103Macroeconomics3LDbY
ECO 104Microeconomics3LDbY
ECO 410Global Economics3UDbgyY
ECO 499Economics Capstone3UDyY
Course #NameCRLevelGen Ed CodeLiberal Arts
ENG 101English Composition 13LDeY
ENG 102English Composition 23LDeyY
ENG 202Survey of Literature3LDaY
ENG 209Survey of American Literature3LDaY
ENG 298Special Topics in English3LDaY
ENG 300Mark Twain & His Times3UDayY
ENG 301Power Writing3UDeyY
ENG 302World Literature for Children3UDagnyY
ENG 303American Novel3UDayY
ENG 304American Short Story3UDayY
ENG 305Science Fiction3UDayY
ENG 306Understand Culture Thru Literature3UDagnY
ENG 319Literary Theory3UDaY
ENG 320Shakespeare3UDanY
ENG 398Special Topics in English3UDaY
ENG 499Literature Capstone3UDyY
Course #NameCRLevelGen Ed CodeLiberal Arts
SCI 201Environmental Science3LDsgY
SCI 202Interdisciplinary Science Lab1LDsyY
Course #NameCRLevelGen Ed CodeLiberal Arts
FAR 110Introduction to Film3LDayY
FAR 330Women in Film3UDagyY
FAR 499Fine Arts Capstone3UDyY
Course #NameCRLevelGen Ed CodeLiberal Arts
GEO 101World Regional Geography3LDbgnyY
Course #NameCRLevelGen Ed CodeLiberal Arts
HCA 201HC Quality Concepts & Principles3LDyN
HCA 301Contemporary Ethical Issues in HCA3UDdyY
HCA 311Healthcare Economics3UDbyY
HCA 330Terrorism/Disaster Mgt for HC Admin3UDyN
HCA 350Transcultural Competency in HCA3UDgyY
HCA 401Regltry & Accred Agenc Requ for HCO3UDyN
HCA 411Health Care Law3UDyN
HCA 450Leadership in HCA3UDyY
HCA 499Health Care Administration Capstone3UDyN
Course #NameCRLevelGen Ed CodeLiberal Arts
HIS 101U.S. History 1: New World-Recon3LDuyY
HIS 102U.S. History 2: 1877- Present3LDuyY
HIS 121Western Civilization 13LDnY
HIS 122Western Civilization 23LDnY
HIS 248Hist of the American Constitution3LDuY
HIS 249American Constitution:1954-Present3LDuY
HIS 250History of Eastern Religions3LDgnY
HIS 300The Civil War and Reconstruction3UDuyY
HIS 333American Foreign Policy from 19453UDguyY
HIS 350Contemporary China3UDgnyY
HIS 474Hist Israeli-Palestinian Conflict3UDgnyY
HIS 499History Capstone3UDyY
Course #NameCRLevelGen Ed CodeLiberal Arts
ITE 101Management Information Systems3LDyN
ITE 345Computer Ethics3UDdY
ITE 499Info Systems Studies Capstone3UDyN
Course #NameCRLevelGen Ed CodeLiberal Arts
IDS 101Cornerstone Seminar3LDyY
IDS 120The Global Village3LDagnyY
IDS 400Grant Writing3UDyN
Course #NameCRLevelGen Ed CodeLiberal Arts
MGT 315Organizational Behavior3UDbyY
MGT 325Organizational & Group Dynamics3UDbyY
MGT 326Organizational Theory3UDyN
MGT 330Diversity & Inclusion in Workplace3UDbY
MGT 350Entrepreneurship3UDyN
MGT 365Non-Profit Management3UDyN
MGT 450Leadership Practices3UDyY
MGT 451Team Leadership3UDyY
Course #NameCRLevelGen Ed CodeLiberal Arts
MKT 220Principles of Marketing3LDyN
MKT 310International Marketing3UDgyN
MKT 350Digital Mktg & Comm in a Globl Envr3UDgn
Course #NameCRLevelGen Ed CodeLiberal Arts
MAT 101Contemporary Mathematics3LDqyY
MAT 103College Algebra3LDqY
MAT 105Statistics3LDqyY
MAT 115Logic3LDqY
Course #NameCRLevelGen Ed CodeLiberal Arts
MUS 120Pop Music of the Rock Era3LDayY
MUS 130Survey of Jazz Styles3LDayY
MUS 135Music of the Beatles3LDaY
MUS 499Music Capstone3UDyY
Course #NameCRLevelGen Ed CodeLiberal Arts
PHL 201Ethics in America3LDdyY
PHL 485Business Ethics & Individual Values3UDdyY
Course #NameCRLevelGen Ed CodeLiberal Arts
PLG 301Legal Ethics & Prof Responsibility3UDdN
PLG 325Juvenile and Education Law3UDyN
PLG 499Paralegal Capstone3UDyN
Course #NameCRLevelGen Ed CodeLiberal Arts
POL 150American Government3LDbuY
POL 210Controversies in Law & Politics3LDbyY
POL 220State & Local Government3LDbyY
POL 225Latin Am Pol & Government3LDbgnyY
POL 250Ethics in International Relations3LDbdgnyY
POL 300The Modern Presidency3UDbuyY
POL 321Constitutional Law3UDuyY
POL 334Modern Political Thought3UDbY
POL 350International Terrorism3UDbgnyY
POL 499Political Science Capstone3UDyY
Course #NameCRLevelGen Ed CodeLiberal Arts
PSY 101Psychology3LDbY
PSY 216Psychology Statistics3LDqY
PSY 236Lifespan Development3LDbY
PSY 248Adolescent Psychology3LDbyY
PSY 301Psychology of Play3UDbyY
PSY 306Industrial/Organizational Psychol3UDbY
PSY 319Psychology of Gender3UDbyY
PSY 320Cognitive Psychology3UDbyY
PSY 321Social Psychology3UDbyY
PSY 322Learning & Memory3UDbyY
PSY 333Social Psychology & Deviance3UDbyY
PSY 334Psychology of Personality3UDbyY
PSY 335Psychology of Exceptional Children3UDbyY
PSY 336Abnormal Psychology3UDbyY
PSY 340Positive Psychology3UDbY
PSY 410Research Methods for Behav Sciences3UDyY
PSY 450Introduction to Neuropsychology3UDbsY
PSY 454Psychology of Addiction3UDbY
PSY 490History and Systems of Psychology3UDbY
PSY 495Psychology Major Capstone3UDbY
Course #NameCRLevelGen Ed CodeLiberal Arts
PUB 140Public Speaking/Debates3oY
PUB 210Ethics in Public Administration3LDdY
PUB 215Making Public Policy3LDbY
PUB 300Globalization & Community3UDgby
PUB 301Professional Writing3UDeY
PUB 310Current Issues in Public Admin3UDyN
PUB 315Public Policy Analysis3UDyY
PUB 321Imaging Identities3UDaY
PUB 329History of Labor3UDuY
PUB 499Public Administration Capstone3UDyN
Course #NameCRLevelGen Ed CodeLiberal Arts
PSA 305Ethics in PSA3UDdyY
PSA 315Public Safety Com Delivery Systems3UDyN
PSA 330Cultural Diversity in PSA3UDbyY
PSA 335Group Dynamics in PSA3UDbyY
PSA 360America's Homeland Security3UDyN
PSA 410Political & Legal Systems in PSA3UDyY
PSA 440Research Methodology in PSA3UDyY
PSA 465Global Persps in Emergency Mgt3UDgN
Course #NameCRLevelGen Ed CodeLiberal Arts
SOC 101Sociology3LDbY
SOC 210Sociology of the Family3LDbY
SOC 215Women in American Society3LDbyY
SOC 305Ethics in Social Science3UDbdy
SOC 311Sociology of the City3UDbyY
SOC 315Sociology of Diversity3UDbyY
SOC 320Urban Youth in American Society3UDbyY
SOC 350Children, School & the Community3UDbyY
SOC 449Social Problems: Impact on Wkplace3UDbyY
SOC 450Social Theory3UDbyY
SOC 495Sociology Major Capstone3UDbY
Course #NameCRLevelGen Ed CodeLiberal Arts
SPA 101Spanish 13LDnY
SPA 102Spanish 23LDnY