Health Science and Technology Undergraduate Course Policies

Technology Requirements

  • Internet connection (DSL, LAN, or cable connection desirable)
  • Appropriate notebook computer or desktop computer. Suggest your hardware configuration includes a camera, microphone, and speakers.
  • Access to COSC programs including Blackboard and MyCharterOak
  • Productivity software (Microsoft office provided by COSC) 

Blackboard Learning Modules

Learning modules are used to organize content, activities, assignments, and course resources into specific units for each week of the course. You may access Learning modules from the Course Content link in the course menu. Each week you should begin by visiting that week’s corresponding Course Content for an overview and links to the week’s activities, assignments, and deliverables. Specific information about each required activity will be provided.

Expectations of Students

Each new week of each course begins on Monday, and usually all assignments (except initial discussion posts) are due the following Sunday by 11:59 PM ET. However, each instructor may have some different due dates, so it is up to each student to pay close attention to instructions and due dates for each assignment. If no due date is listed, then the due date will be Sunday at 11:59 PM ET. Each week, according to the syllabus, you will be required to do written assignments, as well as post in the weekly discussion thread. It is important to read the syllabus and read everything under the Course Content tab so that you are sure to understand what is expected for that week. ALWAYS ask questions of your instructor if you need help!

Late Work Policy

Any late postings and/or assignments will have a 10% deduction for up to two days, and a 20% deduction for 3-5 days late. After 5 days, submissions will receive a 0. If there are extreme circumstances causing your work to be late, be sure to email the instructor for other consideration.

Discussion Policies

Your discussion grade is not only based on your initial response to the discussion questions, but also your interactions with each other. You do not have to respond to everyone's posting, but you do have to contribute and respond to at least two classmates each week.

You must post an initial response post to each of the week’s discussion topics that is thorough, substantive, and includes some researched information from the textbook and/or other resources. Each initial post is expected to be like a mini essay. It should be at least one paragraph long (at least 200-250 words). It should have a reference listed (usually your textbook) in APA format and in-text citations to support your writing and give credit to your sources.

The initial post is due by Thursday 11:59 PM ET of each week (late postings made Friday to Sunday of the current week will result in 10% late penalty). Two response posts to classmates or the instructor must be posted by Sunday 11:59 PM ET. Your response posts should be at least 100-150 words and add to the information given by the classmate. Response posts of “Nice post Sue” are not acceptable. While the initial post should have an academic feel, responses to classmates can be more casual like a true discussion between peers. You may give opinions, ask questions, and share ideas.


  • Your instructor may have an individual policy about how many times per week you must be active in the discussion forums. Be sure to check the Course Policies tab and Announcements for any additional policy information.
  • If your course has a “Lead Post” discussion format, the discussion policies will differ than what is described here. The discussion policies will be described by the instructor within the course.

Discussions must use proper language (no texting abbreviations are allowed) and include proper grammar and spelling. All postings must be in your own words - no copy and paste from websites. If you use additional websites for your research, please note that Wikipedia IS NOT a valid source and should never be used or cited for this course. Valid sites for this course include: .gov; .edu, .org or articles from journals, etc.

Missed discussions cannot be made-up. Once a discussion week is over, it will not be looked at again for grading.

Participation Policy

You should log in to the course several times a week to participate in the discussion board. Each week you must also submit any assignments that are due. If you do not submit a graded item for 14 days, you will be sent an email from the Registrar’s Office letting you know that you will be academically withdrawn from the class if you do not submit a graded item by the next day. Be sure you are always checking your Charter Oak email as well, since that is the only email address the college will use to send you information.

Quizzes & Exams Policy

You can only take quizzes and exams within the time frame specified by the instructor. Be sure to pay close attention to deadlines—there will normally be no make-up quizzes or exams.

Grading & Feedback Policies

Your work will be graded within 5 days of the assignment due dates.

Grading rubrics vary by course and can be found in the Course Policies link in the course menu.

The instructor will identify in the syllabus in summary form the types of assignments that students are required to submit in the course with the points that may be awarded for each assignment. The grade you earn is the grade you will receive for the course. Scales are not applied against exams or projects.

There are no extra credit assignments available to students. Remember that as a future healthcare professional, effort is the absolute minimum standard, however; you will be judged and rewarded based solely on your actual results.

Final Grades in Blackboard


  • You must earn a C or higher for this course to count toward your major if it is one of the core major courses.

Final grades assigned for this course will be based on the percentage of total points earned and are assigned as follows:

HCA and HIM students taking a core course in their major, or a required foundation course, will be held to the following grade scale below.

Letter GradePercentage
C - (Failure - Course Repeat Required)0-72.9%

All other majors taking an HCA or HIM course as an elective should refer to the following grade scale:

Letter GradePercentage

Online and Instructor Communication Guidelines

This course relies on online tools for course communication. Through online discussion forums, you will have the opportunity to interact with others in the class, develop and share ideas, pose questions, receive and give feedback, and share experiences.

Communication with the Instructor:

It is important to remember that while the Internet is available 24 hours a day, your instructor and other students are not. Your instructor will respond to email messages from you within two days during the week and may or may not be available to respond on weekends. Due to FERPA compliance requirements, all electronic email communications with the instructor must be conducted through the Charter Oak State College email system.

There may be times where you as a student may face a situation where outside influences (personal and professional) may impact your ability to either submit assignments on a timely basis, or other issues may arise in the course. Students must first attempt to communicate with and resolve all issues with the Instructor. If the issue is not able to be resolved, then the student may communicate the issue to the Program Director for further consideration.

Maintain Professional Conduct Both in the Classroom and Online

The online classroom is a professional environment where academic debate and learning take place. Your instructor will make every effort to make this environment safe for you to share your opinions, ideas, and beliefs. In return, you are expected to respect the opinions, ideas, and beliefs of other students. Students have the right and privilege to learn in all courses, free from harassment and disruption.