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Academic Dismissal


If an undergraduate student's career GPA fails to meet the minimum required cumulative GPA any time after the first academic probation he/she will be dismissed from the College.

Undergraduate students who fail the Cornerstone course (IDS 101), or the Capstone course twice, will be dismissed from the College. Please review the Academic Residency Requirements for further information.

The minimum dismissal period is one year during which an undergraduate student may not earn any credits at Charter Oak State College. After one year, an undergraduate student may submit an application to be re-admitted. During the re-admission process, a student will have to provide evidence, in writing, of improved ability to assume responsibility for college work. Re-entry is not guaranteed.


If a graduate student's career GPA fails to meet the minimum required cumulative GPA, after being placed on Academic Probation for one (1) semester, he/she will be dismissed from the College.

If at any time a graduate student receives second grade below a 'B-’, in any course, he/she will be dismissed from the College. Only one grade of ‘C+ or C’ is allowed in the graduate program.

Appeal of Academic Dismissal

If a student is dismissed from the College because of poor grades and not because of any other disciplinary action, the student may appeal the dismissal decision in writing to the Provost. The student has fifteen (15) business days from the dismissal date to file an appeal. The Provost will review the appeal and send the decision to the student. Within fifteen (15) days of receiving the appeal decision, the student may request in writing to the Provost to have his/her case presented to a hearing panel. The hearing panel will be comprised of the Dean of the Faculty, two additional faculty members, and one student. The hearing will follow the procedures outlined in Section 3 of the Student Code of Conduct. The decision of the hearing panel is final and cannot be appealed.

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