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Charter Oak State College Official Catalog

Attendance Policy

Charter Oak State College is located in Connecticut where the Eastern Standard Time zone (EST) is utilized in defining the start and end of a week within the term, as well as drop and withdrawal deadline times, assignment and exam submission times, and other college policy deadlines.

Attendance Policy for Determining Last Day of Attendance in a Course

Students' attendance in courses is defined as the active participation in the course. Active participation may vary depending on the individual course. Just logging-in is not considered "active participation". "Active Participation" includes:

  1. Completion of tests/quizzes;
  2. Submission/completion of formal assignments;
  3. Participation in threaded discussions (Note: Self-Introduction threads do not count towards attendance).

Students who do not participate through the Learning Platform (Blackboard) by the end of the first week will be administratively withdrawn from the course. Students who fail to maintain active participation in a course for two consecutive weeks will be administratively withdrawn from the course. An administrative withdrawal will not relieve a student of responsibility for the tuition and fees related to the course.

The last date of attendance for a student, who is administratively withdrawn, is the last day the student actively participated in the course that includes contact with the instructor regarding the content or expectations of the course if done through Blackboard so it is verifiable.

Academic Course Participation Requirements

Faculty are required to have students respond to at least two assignments each week.  That can include test/quizzes, formal assignments, threaded discussions, etc.

It faculty are using threaded discussions as one of the assignments, students normally must:

  1. Post the first threaded discussion response by Wednesday at 11:59 p.m. EST; and
  2. Post all other responses to their peers by Sunday at 11:59 p.m. EST.

Note: Students must adhere to any discussion posting requirements provided in the Course Policies section of each course. Policies may vary.