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Charter Oak State College Official Catalog


Undergraduate to Graduate Cross-Registration

Undergraduate Charter Oak students who wish to enroll in graduate courses may do so by completing the “Undergraduate to Graduate Cross-Registration Form”. Undergraduate students must have a minimum undergraduate Charter Oak GPA of 3.0, at least 105 Charter Oak credits earned, and must have passed MAT 105 (or its equivalent).

*Students who are granted permission to enroll will be limited to taking two (2) graduate courses which will count as upper-level elective credit on their undergraduate record. Only one graduate course can be taken in each 8-week term.  If an undergraduate student decides to later enroll in the graduate program at Charter Oak, the graduate course(s) taken at the undergraduate level can only be internally transferred to the students graduate record if the students earns a final grade of B- or higher. That grade will then be transcribed as ‘P’ on the graduate record and will not be calculated in the graduate GPA.

*For students in the OEL Major, the first course taken must be OEL 501 and the second course can be either OEL 520 or OEL 525.

*For students in the HIM or HCA Major, only two courses are allowed to be taken:  HIF 530 and/or HCA 510.

Cross Registration at Public Institutions of Higher Education

Charter Oak State College does not participate in the public institution cross registration process. The request for reciprocity can only be processed through the 12 state community colleges and four state universities.

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