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Charter Oak State College Official Catalog

Identity & Address Verification

At various times during the semester, students will be asked to verify their identity using the Lexis Nexis verification system. Students will be asked three questions to verify their identity. If the student is unsuccessful and does not pass the verification test, the student will need to contact the Registrar's Office for verification and authorization into the student portal.

If during the verification process above, or during the annual review, it is determined that the College does not have a student's current permanent home address on file, the student will have to provide the Registrar's Office with proof of residency. Proof of residency can be established by supporting the Registrar's Office with a copy of a utility bill and a copy of a mortgage bill, rental property agreement, valid Connecticut driver's license, credit card statement, or recent pay stub. A hold will be placed on the student's record for one month during which time the student has the opportunity to provide proof of residency. If a student fails to provide proof of residency, the student will be subject to dismissal per the Student Code of Conduct (section 2A).

*Any student who submits a Change of Address form or submits a change of address in the student portal, must also provide proof of residency.

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