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Charter Oak State College Official Catalog

Credit Hour Requirement

Since online courses are not based on “seat” time we rely on faculty to determine if the course level, student learning outcomes, and work load is equivalent to what is expected in traditional settings. Our faculty reviewers, who are content experts in the subject area that they are evaluating, are provided with our course-level expectations, a scoring rubric based on Quality Matters criteria, and the “seat time” expectations as a guide. They review the course syllabus and assignments, which include the course outcomes and grading rubrics.  In addition, a faculty member sits in the course the first time it is taught.

Seat time expectations: 

  • Lecture courses meet the equivalent of 50 minutes (in addition to two hours of out-of-class student work time) per week for 15 weeks (or 750 minutes total) for one semester hour of credit.  For a 3 credit course, it would be equivalent to 150 minutes of lecture and 300 minutes of out-of-class time per week.
  • A student enrolled in a three-credit course offered in an 8-week (half-semester) format should expect 6 (50 minute) hours of lecture (300 minutes)  and 12 (50 minute) hours of out of class preparation (per week).
  • A student enrolled in a three credit 5 week course should expect 9 (50 minutes) of lecture (450 minutes) and 18 (50 minute) hours (900minutes) of out of class preparation per week.