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Charter Oak State College Official Catalog

Leave of Absence

Students wishing to leave the College temporarily (for no more than 180 days) must do so by requesting an approved leave of absence. An approved leave of absence is defined by the department of Higher Education and the National Student Clearinghouse as:
"A student who is enrolled in an eligible post-secondary institution and has met the requirements for an approved student loan leave of absence and, therefore, is not required to attend classes for a specified period of time. For purposes of Title IV, HEA program loan borrower, an institution does not have to treat a leave of absence as a withdrawal if it is an approved leave of absence. An approved student loan leave of absence must not exceed 180 days in any 12-month-period. The number of days in a leave of absence is counted beginning with the first day of the student's initial leave of absence in a 12-month-period. If a student does not resume attendance at the institution at or before the end of a leave of absence, the institution must treat the student as a withdrawal in accordance with CFR 668.22(d)."

The granting of such leave shall be determined by the following conditions:

  • Shall only be granted by the Registrar

  • The student is matriculated

  • The leave is for military or  extenuating health reasons
    • Military or health documentation must be provided by the student.
  • The leave is prior to the start of a full semester (spring/fall)

    • The student is able to pick up their education where they left off.

  • The leave will not exceed 180 days

During the time of the leave, a student will not be considered as withdrawn from Charter Oak State College and his/her loans will not go into repayment. Any leave that exceeds 180 days will result in the student being administratively withdrawn by the Registrar and will be subject to the federal loan repayment schedule. Extensions for leaves will not be granted. All students who are granted and approved leave of absence will not be required to pay the Student Services Fee while on leave.