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Charter Oak State College Official Catalog

Classification of Students


An undergraduate student is considered matriculated at Charter Oak State College once officially accepted into the College and payment of the College fee is complete. Depending on the number of credits earned, the student is classified as a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior:

Freshman29 (or fewer) earned credits
Sophomore30-59 earned credits
Junior60-89 earned credits
Senior90 (or more) earned credits

Undergraduate students will be classified in the following manor, depending on the number of credits enrolled each semester:

0.01-5.99 creditsLess than half-time
6.0-8.99 creditsHalf-time
9-11.99 creditsThree quarter time
12+ creditsFull-time


All graduate students are classified ‘Graduate’, regardless of the number of credits earned. Depending on the number of credits a graduate students is enrolled for each semester, the status will be determined as follows:

0.01-8.99 creditsHalf-time