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Charter Oak State College Official Catalog

Dean's List

Undergraduate degree seeking students who have earned 12 or more graded course credits at Charter Oak qualify for the Dean's List published at the end of the Spring and Fall semesters when they meet the following criteria:

  • Earned at least 6 credits in Charter Oak courses during the semester;
  • Earned a semester GPA of at least 3.70 in those courses; and
  • Have a cumulative Charter Oak GPA of at least 3.70.

If a student earns an Administrative Withdrawal (AW), Withdrawal (W), Fail (F), and/or an Incomplete (I) grade during the semester, they will be excluded from the calculation of the Dean’s list. Credits earned via CCAP, Credential Evaluation, Portfolio, and the COSC Examination Program are also excluded.

Students are notified of their semester Dean's List standing with an official email letter from the Provost. Dean's Letters are generated once during the Fall and Spring semesters, a couple weeks after grades are due. Dean's Letters are only generated for students who meet the Dean's List criteria at that time. Appropriate entries regarding inclusion on the Dean's List are made on the student's official transcript.

Dean's Lists & Letters are not issued or updated based on late changes to the academic record (i.e. grade changes, incomplete grades, grade appeals).