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Charter Oak State College Official Catalog

Course Load Policy



Students in good academic standing can take a max of fifteen (15) credits per semester (with no more than nine (9) credits in a term). If a student wishes to take between 16-18 credits in a semester at the college, the student must have a career grade point average of 3.0 (or higher). Students who take more than 15 credits still may not take more than 9 credits at a time/concurrently. If a student does not meet the 3.0 career grade point requirement they may petition for approval.


Students in good academic standing can take a maximum of twelve (12) credits in the Summer semester. Students may take no more than six (6) credits a term/at a time/concurrently.


Graduate students wishing to take more than six (6) credits of coursework in a semesters, or three (3) credits in each sub-term, at the College, must seek approval from the Graduate Director prior to registering for courses.