Harris-Wiener Endowed Scholarship

Charter Oak State College building

The Harris-Wiener Family Fund, established in 1998 by then Charter Oak State College President Merle W. Harris and her husband David, strives to assist economically disadvantaged women who desire to continue their education, particularly women wishing to pursue careers in education, social service, or public service. The parents of both David and Merle believed that education was the key to success. Both families also stressed the importance of serving others. These family values are reflected in the criteria for this scholarship.

Scholarship Criteria

This scholarship is open to women who are employed, have demonstrated financial need, and who show academic promise. Preference for awarding will be given to individuals who are employed in or planning a career in:

  • Social or Public Service

  • Early Care or Education

  • Government

  • Non-profit Organizations

The scholarship, applied to the student account, covers tuition, fees, books, or other educational expenses.

Scholarship Award Amount

The average annual award is $850 per student.

Application Process

Applications will be listed in the Acorn Student Portal when available, typically in the summer.


"The Harris-Wiener Scholarship has greatly helped me achieve my educational goals. With the funds I received from the scholarship, I am able to take an additional class next semester, and finish my bachelor's degree by May! I am so excited to be given the help that I so desperately needed by the Harris-Wiener Scholarship. I am a preschool teacher and I am paying for school completely out of pocket. I have worked very hard to afford my degree and I am thrilled to be so close to completing it. Dr. Merle W. Harris and her husband David have created a wonderful fund for women who need assistance with school related expenses, and I am so grateful for their help." - Danielle, Harris-Wiener Scholarship Recipient