Veterans Benefits for Graduate Program

The Licensure and Accreditation Division of the Office of Higher Education requires that all new programs be both licensed and accredited in the State of Connecticut in order for veterans to use their GI Bill benefits.

There is a two-part process for this to happen:

  1. All new academic programs must first receive licensure.
  2. Students need to be enrolled and demonstrate success before a program can be accredited.

At this time, Charter Oak State College’s Master of Organizational Leadership and Effectiveness program has been licensed only (Part 1 of 2)

Once the first class of students has been enrolled, and demonstrated success, we will apply for accreditation (Part 2 of 2).

Since eligible veterans can only use their GI Bill benefits for accredited programs, we are unable to certify veteran students at this time.

However, once the program is accredited benefits may be applied retroactively for one year.

Federal financial aid and payment plans are available to assist you in financing this important investment.