Introduction to Manufacturing

Welcome to Introduction to Manufacturing - an online course developed to provide an overview of manufacturing in a concise, interactive learning environment.

Did you know?

  • Manufacturing has been a vital part of Connecticut's history since colonial times.
  • Connecticut is home to manufactured inventions that include the cotton gin, the can opener, the Frisbee, and the submarine.
  • Connecticut is home to over 5,500 manufacturing firms.
  • Manufacturing jobs are still paying up to 20% higher than jobs in construction, services, and retail.
  • Modern-day advanced manufacturing is clean, interesting, and technology-driven.
  • Manufacturing-related training programs are offered at several Connecticut Community Colleges and State Universities.

During this course, you will have the opportunity to work through several different modules that will provide a basic overview of manufacturing, including: an overview of manufacturing in Connecticut and the United States; types of manufacturing; industrial materials used in manufacturing; manufacturing processes; quality control processes; a brief view of blueprints and diagrams; safety in manufacturing; supply chain contractors; and types of careers found in manufacturing. No matter your experience or expertise, you will find information and facts that are relevant in this online course. You may even decide to begin or expand your career in manufacturing!

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