ECE 271: Career Development in Early Childhood Education

Course Description

This course will focus on preparation for career success in the field of early childhood education. Emphasis will be placed on creating a professional e-Portfolio, developing an online profile via Linked In as well as a professional development growth plan. Students will analyze individual elements of GRIT, personal skills and traits, then incorporate that knowledge into the weekly coursework. (2 credits)


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Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

Students who successfully complete this course will be able to:

  1. Develop an e-Portfolio for careers in ECE to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of NAEYC Standards for Educator Preparation and how standards relate to practice.
  2. Create a Linked In professional profile.
  3. Create a five-year professional development growth plan.
  4. Evaluate the professional and financial impact of working in various positions in the early childhood field.
  5. Write a Philosophy of Education and Vision statement.

Course Activities and Grading


Discussions (Weeks 1-5, 7@ 20 pts)



Reflection Paper (Week 2, 100 points) 



Journal Entries (Weeks 1 & 3 @ 100 points) 



Philosophy of Education & Vision Statement (Week 2, 3 @ 100 points) 



Linked In Profile Development (Weeks 1-5, 5 @ 26 points) 



e-Portfolio Prep (Weeks 1-5, 5 @ 26 points) 



Final Project- e-Portfolio (Week 5, 100 points)






Required Textbooks

Available through Charter Oak State College's Book Bundle

  • Cawley, H.S, Daniels, J., Skelley, H.A., Watson-Thompson, O., & Wiltz, N.W. Developing and Presenting a Professional Portfolio in Early Childhood Education. 3rd Pearson Publishing, 2013. ISBN- 13: 9780132930383
  • Duckworth, A. The Power of Passion and Perseverance. Scribner Publishing, 2016. ISBN: 9781501111112 (pbk) 978501111129 (ebook)

Course Schedule



Readings and Exercises




Topic: Self-Discovery

  • Readings and Videos:
    • Review lecture material
    • Read chapters 1 & 2 from GRIT
    • Read chapters 1 & 3 from Developing a Professional Portfolio
    • Career Vision Statement
    • Skills Inventory  - Skills Assessment  Worksheet
    • Video: GRIT: Traits that Matter for School, Work, and Life
    • Video: What are Soft Skills?
    • Video: How to Make a Great Linked In Profile
  • Review Getting Started information
  • Review course syllabus
  • Participate in discussion forum 1: Introduction
  • Participate in discussion forum 2: Skills Inventory  
  • Create Linked In profile, Photo, Headline, and Summary sections
  • e-Portfolio: Submit Activity 3-1 on page 23.
  • e-Portfolio: create 5 folders on your computer and upload a screenshot (#1 on pg. 22).



Topic: Career Investigation

  • Readings and Videos:
    • Review lecture material
    • Read chapters 3 & 4 from GRIT
    • Read chapters 2, 4 & 5 from Developing a Professional Portfolio
    • Investigate: Do I want to work with children or for children?
    • What are my career options based on my interests?
    • O*NET Interest Profiler self-assessment
    • Video: How to Use Linked In Featured Section
    • Video: Why Choose a Career in Early Childhood Education?
  • Participate in discussion: Career Exploration
  • Linked In: Featured section
  • Submit Philosophy of Education & Vision Statement for review.
  • Reflection paper
  • e-Portfolio: Set up your portfolio via Power Point and submit:
    • Title
    • Table of contents
    • Sections I, II, III



Topic: Professional Networking

  • Readings and Videos:
    • Review lecture material
    • Read chapters 5 & 6 from GRIT
    • Read chapter 6 & 8 from Developing a Professional Portfolio
    • Career One Stop- Professional Associations Finder
    • Video: The Power of Networking
    • Video: Simon Sinek
    • Video: Professional Associations
  • Participate in discussion
  • Linked In: 20 connections, 2 groups, 2 Influencers, 3 companies
  • Journal Entry: Professional Associations & References
  • e-Portfolio: Add your Philosophy of Education & Vision Statement
  • e-Portfolio: Submit your artifact list: Activity 6-4 on pg. 54



Topic: Plan and Prep: Interviews, Negotiation, and Finances

  • Readings and Videos:
    • Review lecture material
    • Read chapters 7-9 from GRIT
    • Investigate: Teacher certification and alternative ways to maximize your salary.
    • Article: How to Write a Professional Development Plan
    • Video: Linked In Profile Tips- Experience Section
    • Video: How to Get Found on Linked In with your Skills Section
    • Video: Interview Practice- Early Childhood
    • Video: The Best Answer to “What’s Your Expected Salary?”
    • Video: How to Negotiate Salary After Job Offer
    • Continue to gather artifacts and add to e-Portfolio
  • Participate in discussion forum 1: Career Considerations and Negotiations\
  • Participate in discussion forum 2: Interview Questions.
  • Linked In: Experience, Education, add 10 skills
  • e-Portfolio: Add in:
    • Artifacts

    • 5-year Professional  Development Growth Plan





Topic: A Career in ECE; Find Your Culture of GRIT

  • Readings and Videos:
    • Review lecture material
    • Read chapters 10 & 11 from GRIT
    • Read chapters 7, 9 & 10 from Developing a Professional Portfolio
    • Video: Linked In Privacy Settings
    • Video: How to Ask for Recommendations on Linked In
  • Participate in discussion forum 1: GRIT: Interest, Practice, Purpose & Hope
  • Participate in discussion forum 2: Share Your Linked In Profile!
  • Linked In: Ask for a recommendation and update privacy settings
  • e-Portfolio:
    • Add a reflective narrative to 5 artifacts
    • Prepare for publishing!

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