HCA 450: Leadership in HCA

Course Description

This course will focus on the role of leadership in healthcare administration. (3 credits)


  • ENG 101: English Composition 1
  • ENG 102: English Composition 2

Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

Students who successfully complete this course will be able to:

  1. Analyze core concepts to better understand the elusiveness of leadership
  2. Compare and contrast what constitutes leadership effectiveness or success and the factors that account for it
  3. Review and analyze the leading theories on leadership.
  4. Evaluate several distinctive aspects of leadership in health services organizations.
  5. Discuss and evaluate what constitutes an integrative model of leadership

General Education Outcomes (GEOs)

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Course Activities and Grading



Discussions (Weeks 1-7)


Research Paper (Week 7)


Research Paper Discussion (Week 8)


Final Exam (Week 8)




Required Textbooks

Available through Charter Oak State College's online bookstore

  • Atchison, Tom (2004). Followership: Practical Guide to Aligning Leaders and Followers. Health Administration Press. ISBN: 1567932169
  • Dye, Carson F. (2017). Leadership in Healthcare: Essential Values and Skills (3rd Edition). Health Administration Press. ISBN: 9781567938463
  • Gardner, John W. (1990). On Leadership, Free Press. ISBN: 0029113121

Course Schedule



Readings and Exercises



1, 3

Topic: Leadership and Governance

  • Readings: Dye, Chapter 1, The Leadership Imperative
  • Gardner, Chapter 1, The Nature of Leadership;
  • Atchison, Chapter 1, Changing Healthcare Organizations and Chapter 2, Bridging Myths and Reality.
  • Read assigned chapters
  • Participate in the Discussions


1, 2, 4

Topic: Leadership Success

  • Readings: Dye, Chapter 2, The Value Based Definition;
  • Gardner, Chapter 7, The Moral Dimension;
  • Atchison, Chapter 3, Perspectives on Increasing Followership, and Chapter 4, Ensuring Motivated Employees: Lessons from Healthcare
  • Read assigned chapters
  • Participate in the Discussions



Topic: Leadership Performance

  • Readings: Dye, Chapter 3, The Senior Leader Predicament;
  • Gardner, Chapter 5, Attributes;
  • Atchison, Chapter 5, Measuring the Intangibles and Chapter 6, Assessment: Conducting an Inventory of the Organization and Yourself
  • Read assigned chapters
  • Participate in the Discussions


1, 4

Topic: Caring and Caring About Caring

  • Readings: Dye, Chapter 4, Respect and Stewardship;
  • Gardner, Chapter 4, Contexts
  • Atchison, Chapter 7, Analysis: Focusing on Increasing Followership and Chapter 8, Action: Implementing Successful Changes
  • Review assigned chapters
  • Participate in the Discussions
  • Midterm Grades Released


2, 4

Topic: Ethics and Change

  • Readings: Dye, Chapter 5, Ethics and Integrity;
  • Gardner, Chapter 11, Community;
  • Atchison, Chapter 9, Successfully Managing the Dynamics of Change.
  • Read assigned chapters
  • Participate in the Discussions


1, 2

Topic: Building Team Responsiveness

  • Readings: Dye, Chapters 11-14, Team Values;
  • Gardner, Chapter 13, Sharing Leadership Tasks;
  • Atchison, Chapter 10, Putting It All Together: Discovering Your Followership Quotient.
  • Read assigned chapters
  • Participate in the Discussions


2, 5

Topic: Leaders Share Overall Responsibility

  • Readings: Dye, Chapters 15-18, Evaluation;
  • Gardner, Chapter 17, The Release of Human Possibilities.
  • Read assigned chapters
  • Participate in the Discussions
  • Research Paper Due



  • Discussion:
    • Research paper discussion
  • Tell the class what you learned from your Research Paper
  • Complete Final Exam
  • Complete Course Evaluation

Final Exam
SLOs: 1-5

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