HCA 525: Epidemiology and Population Health Informatics

Course Description

This course is a comprehensive analysis of the U.S. health care delivery system including the interface with the public health system from a systems approach. This course introduces epidemiological principles and analytics for enhancing utilization management, quality improvement, and outcome assessment. This course covers topics within the core disciplines of public health and studies the distribution and determinants of health-related conditions for disease control using health information technology. (3 credits)

Associated Program Learning Outcome(s)

#12 Analyze global factors affecting the health care industry.


Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

Students who successfully complete this course will be able to:

  1. Discuss community health and public health concepts including their role in the United States health care system.
  2. Examine how epidemiology is used to measure the status of populations by discussing communicable and non-communicable disease.
  3. Identify communicable and non-communicable diseases and efforts made to prevent and/or improve both.
  4. Analyze the role various health care settings play in the health care system.
  5. Develop a working knowledge of the US health care system’s function and perform an in-depth analysis of at least one health care reimbursement structure.
  6. Create a presentation describing the Quadruple Aim and how it is used in value-based payment methodologies.
  7. Discuss the criticality of information technology in providing data for population health management.
  8. Analyze the various social determinants of health and discuss how they impact the health of communities.
  9. Perform an analysis of the various social determinants of health data collection tools and discuss how they can be used to make meaningful change in the way health care is delivered.
  10. Demonstrate a working knowledge of potential interventions used for addressing the social determinants of health.


Course Activities and Grading


Discussions (10 Pts) x 6


Assignments (100 Pts) x 6


Quiz (10 Pts) x 1


Final Assignment (100 Pts) x 1




Required Textbooks

Available through Charter Oak State College's online bookstore

  • McKenzie, James F. (2022). An Introduction to Community and Public Health with Access Code. 10th ed. Jones & Bartlett Publishers. ISBN-10: 1-284-20268-2 or ISBN-13: 978-1-284-20268-7

Additional Resources

  •  Journal Articles and other course material, including primary websites, will be provided as required reading within the course.

Course Schedule



Readings and Exercises




Topics: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow and Definitions Organizations that Shape Community and Public Health

  • Read assigned chapters and article
  • Review Getting Started information
  • Review course syllabus
  • View week 1 overview
  • View HP2020 Goals Video
  • Introduce yourself in discussion forum
  • Complete discussion assignment
  • Complete Week 1 – Healthy People 2020 Assignment



Topic: Epidemiology – Study of Disease, Injury, Death

  • Read assigned chapter and article
  • View week 2 overview
  • View Introduction to Epidemiology: History, Terminology & Studies Video
  • View International Classification of Diseases Video
  • Complete discussion assignment
  • Complete the quiz



Topics: Disease Prevention and Control and Community Organizing

  • Read assigned chapters


  • View week 3 overview
  • View Public Health Transformation Video
  • Complete discussion assignment
  • Complete Week 3 - Disease Prevention and Control Assignment



Topic: Health Care Delivery in the US- Structure 

  • Read assigned chapter


  • View week 4 overview
  • View America's Health Centers: An Enduring Legacy, Value for Today and Tomorrow Video
  • Visit telehealth website
  • Complete Week 4 – Health Care Setting Assignment



Topic: Health Care Delivery in the US – Function and Reform

  • Read assigned chapter



  • View week 5 overview
  • Complete discussion assignment
  • Complete Week 5 - Reimbursement Methodologies Assignment




  • The Quadruple Aim
  •  Health Information Technology Role in Supporting the Quadruple Aim
  • Read assigned articles and chapter section
  • View week 6 overview
  • View TheABCs of ACOs video
  • View Quadruple Aim Focus: Patient Experience of Care
  • View FUHN Federal Urban Health Network Video
  • Complete Week 6 - Quadruple Aim Wiki Assignment




  • Introduction to the Social Determinants of Health
    • Data Collection Tools and Risk Stratification
  • Racial/Ethnic Disparities
  • Environment
  • Read assigned articles and chapters


  • View week 7 overview Watch A Tale of Two Zip Codes Video
  • Complete discussion assignment
  • Complete Week 7 - Social Determinants of Health Reflection Journal Assignment



Topic: Addressing the Social Determinants of Health 

  • Read assigned materials
  • View week 8 overview
  • View Case Study: West County Health Center & Purple Binder video
  • Complete discussion assignment
  • Complete Week 8 - Addressing the Social Determinants of Health Final Assignment

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