HIF 630: Healthcare Information Systems

Course Description

Health Information Systems are comprehensive application systems that automate the activities of healthcare delivery. They provide technology and enable information exchange and coordination of care. This course covers the functionality of the systems and underlying information technology required for successful operation. This is a rapidly evolving field, and this course emphasizes applied use of health information systems and analysis of technology challenges and solutions in health informatics. (3 credits)

Associated Program Learning Outcomes

The MS in Health Informatics Program prepares students to:

  • #2. Calculate and assess health data and statistical data for decision making in the healthcare environment.
  • #4. Improve the various healthcare functions associated with the integration of information technology by implementing technology initiatives.
  • #6. Compile, conduct and create new information based the use of technology and datasets through data analytics.

Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

Students who successfully complete this course will be able to:

  1. Design a HIPAA/HiTECH system security profile.
  2. Assemble the system components necessary to support data management.
  3. Assess the relevancy of data sets generated by healthcare information systems.
  4. Explain how to utilize the cloud for healthcare information system development.
  5. Demonstrate how to use modern tools for decision support.
  6. Evaluate the emerging trends in data generated from healthcare information systems.
  7. Identify and utilize machine learning tools for analysis of healthcare data.

Course Activities and Grading


Discussions (Weeks 1, 3, 6, 8)


Weekly Assignments (Weeks 1-7)


Final Paper (Week 8)




Required Textbooks

  • This course uses Open Educational Resources (OER). OER are openly licensed, educational resources that can be used for teaching, learning and research. OER may consist of a variety of resources such as textbooks, videos and software that are no cost for students.

Course Schedule




Readings and Exercises





Topics: Electronic Health Records and Quality

  • Read Electronic Health Records
  • Read slides 1-6 Electronic Health Record Systems
  • Read Benefits of using an electronic health record
  • View Electronic Health Records: Usability and Unintended Safety Issues
  • View EHR Data quality: Why you should worry & what you can do about it
  • View EHR Success Stories: The Reality of Clinical Quality Measures
  • Review Getting Started information
  • Review course syllabus
  • Read and view assigned material
  • Introduce yourself in discussion forum
  • Participate in Week 1 Discussion
  • Submit Week 1 Paper - Implementing Quality in EHR Information Gathering




Topics: Dataset Research and Exploration

  • Read Finding and Using Health Statistics
  • Read Data Sources and Collection Methods
  • Read Data Interpretation for Public Health Professionals
  • View Using Google Dataset Search to get free datasets
  • View Top 5 Free Dataset Sources
  • View De-Identifying Healthcare Data for Research
  • Read and view assigned material
  • Submit Week 2 Presentation - Finding Healthcare Datasets for Research
  • Submit Week 2 Project - Dataset Evaluation




Topic: Clinical Decision Support Systems

  • Read Challenges and Barriers to Clinical Decision Support (CDS) Design and Implementation Experienced in the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality CDS Demonstrations
  • Read An overview of clinical decision support systems: benefits, risks, and strategies for success
  • View Integrating Clinical Decision Support into Everyday Care
  • View Clinical Decision Support Systems


  • Read and view assigned material
  • Participate in Week 3 Discussion
  • Submit Week 3 Project - chatGPT as a Clinical Decision Support System




Topic: Healthcare Security Implementation

  • Read Summary of the HIPAA Security Rule
  • View The History of HIPAA & HITECH
  • View HIPAA Compliance and Cybersecurity: 5 Things You Can Implement
  • View Implementing a HIPAA Security Program
  • View Road to HIPAA Compliance: Understanding the Security Rule
  • Read and view assigned material
  • Submit Week 4 Paper - Building a Healthcare Security Manual
  • Submit Week 4 Presentation - Phishing and Social Engineering




Topics: Data Management and Systems Architecture including Cloud

  • Read Designing a reference architecture for health information systems
  • View Top Startups Summit - Healthcare Data Management Category Introduction
  • View Healthcare Data Standards 101
  • View How to architect an AI/ML powered Healthcare platform on Google Cloud
  • View Healthcare IT Interoperability and EMR Interoperability Explained
  • View Why EHR Vendors Can't Solve Healthcare's Interoperability Problem
  • Read and view assigned material
  • Submit Week 5 Diagram - Implementing a Data Management Solution Architecture
  • Submit Week 5 Paper - Security Implications of Using the Cloud for PHI




Topic: Data Analytics and HIM

  • Read The Role of Data Analytics in Health Care
  • Read The use of Big Data Analytics in healthcare
  • View Overview of Health Care Data Analytics
  • View Introduction to Health Care Data Analytics
  • View Tableau Online Getting Started
  • View Master Data Analysis on Excel in Just 10 Minutes
  • Read and view assigned material
  • Participate in Week 6 Discussion
  • Submit Week 6 Presentation - Accessing the Use of Tools for Data Analytics




Topics: HIM and Machine Learning

  • Read Revolutionizing Healthcare: The Top 14 Uses Of ChatGPT In Medicine And Wellness
  • Read How to use ChatGPT: Everything you need to know
  • View Machine Learning Tutorial Part - 1
  • View Artificial Intelligence In Healthcare
  • View Building AI models for healthcare


  • Read and view assigned material
  • Submit Week 7 Paper - Using ML for Healthcare Decision Making
  • Submit Week 7 Project - Decision Tree Development




Topic: Emerging Trends

  • Read Top 10 Healthcare Technology Trends
  • Read Recent Advancements in Emerging Technologies for Healthcare Management Systems: A Survey
  • View Top 5 Medical Innovations to look for in 2022
  • View The 7 Biggest Future Trends In Healthcare
  • View The Top 10 Most Promising Medical Technologies UPDATED
  • Read and view assigned material
  • Participate in Week 8 Discussion
  • Submit Week 8 Final Paper - Design the System of the Future

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