LSS 498: Social/Behavioral Sciences Capstone 1

Course Description

Students who have selected an Individualized Studies or Liberal Studies concentration are required to complete a capstone experience in which they demonstrate fulfillment of the various outcomes of their concentration. For students who are completing a Liberal Studies concentration in Social/Behavioral Sciences, LSS 498 is the first of a two-course sequence in which students fulfill the capstone experience requirement. In LSS 498, a five-week, one-credit course, each student will develop a proposal for his or her capstone experience project. The project being proposed may take one of several formats: a research paper, scholarly essay, portfolio, presentation of creative work, business plan, case study, or any other mode appropriate to the student's interest and experience. In LSS 499, a ten-week, two-credit course, each student will complete his or her project as proposed in LSS 498. Entrance into LSS 499, Social/Behavioral Studies Capstone 2, requires successful completion of LSS 498.


  • Completion of all coursework requirements in the student's concentration.
  • ENG 101: English Composition 1
  • ENG 102: English Composition 2

Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

The student who successfully completes this course will:

  1. Identify and justify the outcomes to be addressed in his or her capstone project and relate these outcomes to specific courses or other academic experiences in the concentration.
  2. Articulate the cohesiveness of the concentration.
  3. Provide evidence of content mastery in each subject area in the concentration.
  4. Write at the senior level of college writing.
  5. Develop a proposal for his or her project to be undertaken in LSS 499 that is approved by the instructor of LSS 498.

Course Activities and Grading

LSS 498 is a pass/fail course. In order to receive a grade of Pass a student must successfully complete a project proposal that earns the approval of the instructor. Successful project proposals will fulfill the requirements and demonstrate the competencies stated in the "Course Policies" area of the Blackboard course shell.


Capstone Project Proposal




Required Text(s):

  • None

Recommended Resources

  • Students should have an up-to-date reference guide for citation methods used in the discipline of their primary concentration area.

Course Schedule






  • Review course syllabus, policies, and documents in Blackboard course shell
  • Post to the class discussion board a personal introduction, a summary of the course, and a description of your concentration
  • Consider topics and format for project



  • Review structure requirements of proposal found on Course Policies page of Blackboard shell
  • Select format for project
  • Submit initial draft of project proposal to instructor



  • Write full draft of proposal based on instructor's feedback on initial draft
  • Post full proposal draft to discussion board
  • Read and post comments about peers' proposals (optional)



  • Write a revised draft of proposal based on feedback of peers and instructor
  • Submit revised proposal draft to instructor
  • Post revised proposal draft to discussion board
  • Read and post comments about peers' proposals (optional)



  • Submit final proposal to instructor for grading
  • Post final proposal to discussion board
  • Complete Course Evaluation

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COSC Policies, Course Policies, Academic Support Services and Resources

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