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MAT 100: Elementary Algebra

Course Description

This is a five-week course that reviews the basics of algebraic notation and skills that are the foundation for higher-level mathematics courses. It is specifically designed for students who wish to refresh their algebra skills prior to or while simultaneously taking MAT 101, MAT 103 or MAT 105 at Charter Oak State College. Topics include properties of real numbers; algebraic expressions; one-variable linear equations and inequalities; slope and straight line formulas; graphs of linear equations.

Does not apply toward the Charter Oak State College Math concentration or toward Math general education requirements.


  • One year of high school algebra or by permission of instructor. It is recommended that students take MAT 100 the semester before enrolling in another Math course. However, with the permission of the instructor, students may enroll simultaneously in MAT 100 and another Math course.

Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

Students who successfully complete this course will be able to:

  1. Use algebraic definitions, concepts, and techniques necessary for higher-level Mathematics courses (MAT 101, 103, 105 and 115)
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of symbolic notation in Mathematics.
  3. Demonstrate reading skills in Mathematics.
  4. Demonstrate skills in problem solving.
  5. Demonstrate an understanding of the following elements of elementary algebra:
    1. Properties of real numbers. Introduction to Integers. Rational Numbers. Exponents and the Order of Operations.
    2. Evaluating Variable Expressions. Simplifying Variable Expressions. Translating Verbal Expressions into Variable Expressions.
    3. Solving one-variable linear equations and inequalities, and their applications.
    4. Graphs of Straight Lines. Slopes of Straight Lines. Equations of Straight Lines. Graphing Linear Inequalities.

General Education Outcomes (GEOs)

Please check the applicable GEOs for this course, if any, by outcomes at GEO Category Search, or by subject area at GEO Discipline Search.

Course Activities and Grading

This course will consist of three graded on-line module post-tests (one after weeks 2, 3 and 4 of the course), a mini-project, and required meaningful participation in threaded discussion for each week and for the mini-project. Students will be assessed in this course through the following:

Discussions (Weeks 1-5)


WebAssign Homework (Weeks 1-4)


Cumulative Final Exam (Week 5)




Required Textbooks

Available through Charter Oak's online bookstore

  • Aufmann/Lockwood. Beginning Algebra - with Access Code. 8th ed. Cengage Learning, 2013. Looseleaf text with printed access code. ISBN-13: 9781285483771

Note: This is a Print Bundle which includes the textbook and the Access Code required for this course. Student must purchase these materials “New” from the Charter Oak State College bookstore.
Used materials or materials from any other source are not acceptable.

Additional Resources

  • Scientific Calculator

Course Schedule



Readings and Exercises




Topic: Properties of Real Numbers (Pre-algebra Review)

  • Readings:
    • Chapter 1
    • Sections 1-4 (pp. 2-33)
  • Read assigned chapters
  • Participate in the Discussions
  • Review the Lecture material
  • Complete Ch 1 WebAssign Homework



Topic: Variable Expressions

  • Readings:
    • Chapter 2
    • Sections 1-3 (pp. 57-82)
  • Read assigned chapters
  • Participate in the Discussions
  • Review the Lecture material
  • Complete Ch 2 WebAssign Homework



Topic: Solving Equations and Inequalities

  • Readings:
    • Chapter 3
    • Sections 1-4 (pp. 89-132)
  • Read assigned chapters
  • Participate in the Discussions
  • Review the Lecture material
  • Complete Ch 3 WebAssign Homework



Topic: Graphing

  • Readings:
    • Chapter 5
    • Sections 1 -5 (pp. 201-265)
  • Read assigned chapters
  • Participate in the Discussions
  • Review the Lecture material
  • Complete Ch 5 WebAssign Homework



Topic: Cumulative Final Exam

  • Readings:
    • Review Chapters 1, 2, 3 & 5
  • Participate in the Discussions
  • Review the Lecture material for Ch 1, 2, 3, 5
  • Complete the Cumulative Final Exam

COSC Accessibility Statement

Charter Oak State College encourages students with disabilities, including non-visible disabilities such as chronic diseases, learning disabilities, head injury, attention deficit/hyperactive disorder, or psychiatric disabilities, to discuss appropriate accommodations with the Office of Accessibility Services at

COSC Policies, Course Policies, Academic Support Services and Resources

Students are responsible for knowing all Charter Oak State College (COSC) institutional policies, course-specific policies, procedures, and available academic support services and resources. Please see COSC Policies for COSC institutional policies, and see also specific policies related to this course. See COSC Resources for information regarding available academic support services and resources.