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MKT 310 : International Marketing

Course Description

This course will focus on the process for maximizing transactions and relationships across international borders. A wide range of international marketing initiatives will be studied, including: export-import trade, joint ventures, subsidiaries, operations, pricing strategies, and product branding. (3 credits)


  • ENG 101: English Composition 1
  • ENG 102: English Composition 2
  • MKT 220: Principles of Marketing (Recommended)

Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

Students who successfully complete this course will be able to:

  1. Examine the Global Marketing Imperative and how International Marketing impacts our day-to-day life.
  2. Explain how trade and trade policy affects the world economy.
  3. Illustrate the cultural, historical and geographical environment on international markets.
  4. Summarize the economic dynamics of global markets.
  5. Describe the political and legal environment and its impact on business.
  6. Illustrate the strategic international marketing tactics, planning and their implementation.
  7. Identify the organizational and structural planning for international companies.
  8. Explain marketing research and its importance in international marketing.
  9. Describe how to enter and expand in a foreign country.
  10. Explain product adaptation and execution in a foreign market.
  11. Identify product export and pricing strategies.
  12. Describe marketing communication for an international firm.
  13. Identify channel distribution and management of logistics.
  14. Describe global product and project management and its execution.
  15. Examine global services management and its execution.
  16. Identify international logistics and material control in a foreign country.
  17. Explain global pricing strategies and their impact on the market.
  18. Describe ethical and global promotion strategies and their impact on the market.

General Education Outcomes (GEOs)

Please check the applicable GEOs for this course, if any, by outcomes at GEO Category Search, or by subject area at GEO Discipline Search.

Course Activities and Grading


Weekly Discussion



Midterm Exam (Week 4)



Final Exam (Week 8)



Group Research Project (Week 8)



Weekly Quizzes



Peer Evaluation






Required Textbooks

Available through
  • Cateora, Philip R., John Graham & Mary C. Gilly. International Marketing. 17th ed. Richard D. Irwin, Inc., 2016. ISBN-10: 0-07-784216-2 or ISBN-13: 978-0-07-784216-1

Additional Resources

  • Online weekly class notes, downloadable from the website
  • Online marketing-related articles, downloadable from the website (optional)

Course Schedule

WeekSLOsReadings and ExercisesAssignments


1, 2

Topic: International Marketing Environment, Part 1 (Global Marketing Introduction and Trade Policy)
  • Read: Chapters 1 & 2 (& download Week 1 notes)
  • Optional Readings: Euro Disney
  • Post-Topic: Describe your company's international products or services. What locations and countries to they operate in?



Topic: International Marketing Environment, Part 2 (the Cultural, Economic and Political Environments)
  • Read: Chapters 3, 4 & 5 (& download Week 2 notes)
  • Optional Readings: Cultural Differences in Advertising
  • Post-Topic: Describe the foreign cultural, economic and political environments your company operates in and the unique situations these cause.


6, 7

Topic: International Market Development, Part 1 (Strategic planning; organizational implementation and control)
  • Read: Chapters 6 & 7 (& download Week 3 notes)
  • Post-Topic: Describe the international strategies your company uses in their foreign markets.


8, 9

Topic: International Market Development, Part 2 (Marketing research; market entry and expansion)
  • Read: Chapters 8 & 9 (& download Week 4 notes)
  • Post-Topic: Describe how your company conducts market research, and how this helps them with new product launches or expansion into new countries.

Midterm Exam
Chapters 1-9
SLOs 1-9


10, 11

Topic: Export Marketing Mix, Part 1 (Product adaptation and pricing)
  • Read: Chapters 10 & 11 (& download Week 5 notes)
  • Optional Reading: Top 10 Biggest International Mistakes
  • Post-Topic: Describe your company’s export pricing and how they adapt products or services for the overseas market.


12, 13

Topic: Export Marketing Mix, Part 2 (Marketing Communications and Distribution Management)
  • Read: Chapter 12 & 13 (& download Week 6 notes)
  • Optional Reading: International PR
  • Post-Topic: Describe your company’s international communications efforts and how they help the company grow.



Topic: Global Marketing Mix, Part 1 (Global Product Management, Branding and Services; Logistics and Material Management)
  • Read: Chapter 14, 15 & 16 (& download Week 7 notes)
  • Post-Topic: Describe your company’s international product management and branding strategies.


17, 18

Topic: Ethical and Global Marketing Mix, Part 2 (Global Pricing and Promotion Strategies)
  • Read: Chapter 17 & 18 (& download Week 8 notes)
  • Optional Readings: Strong Dollar, Weak Dollar
  • Post-Topic: Describe your company’s pricing strategy overseas and how they promote their product or services.

Final Paper due: (NOTE: This is a Saturday)

Final Exam
Chapters 9-18
SLOs 9-18