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OEL 695: Capstone Seminar (Graduate Level)

Course Description

This is the capstone course for the Organizational Effectiveness and Leadership major and should be taken in the student's last semester. This course provides an opportunity for students to complete, present, and receive feedback on their research projects. The projects will be evaluated by peers and faculty. It also provides students an opportunity to reflect upon and integrate their course learning with their life and work experiences and to relate their learning to effectiveness within their organizational work environments. (3 credits)


  • Minimum completion of 9 credits courses in the OEL program including OEL690.

Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

Students who successfully complete this course will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate and apply the knowledge gained in the functional areas of organizational effectiveness and leadership in the context and framework of their respective research projects.
  2. Apply the appropriate knowledge, tools, and models to demonstrate advanced problem solving skills including the ability to recognize the root cause of problems, analyze uncertain situations, interpret and use data in drawing conclusions, develop solutions, and adapt and innovate in the context and framework of their respective research projects.
  3. Demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills.
  4. Demonstrate well-developed practical skill sets including the use of the internet, research databases, report writing software, process improvement tools, and project management tools in the context and framework of their respective research projects.

Applicable Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

  • PLO 3. Develop professional communication skills.
  • PLO 5. Construct organizational leadership strategies.
  • PLO 7. Design and implement organizational change processes.
  • PLO 9. Develop strategies that support the advancement of organization's vision and mission.
  • PLO 13. Conduct research utilizing online sources and databases and write research papers that analyze and synthesize information and data gathered.
  • PLO 14. Formulate, propose, and develop a plan utilizing appropriate tools and interventions to implement.

Course Activities and Grading


Discussion Questions: 7 Discussion Questions @ 20 points each


Interim Project Submissions: 5 @ 20 points each, 1 @ 40 points


Program Completion Survey


Final Project Submission-Report: 1 @ 500 points each


Final Project Submission-Presentation (PowerPoint): 1 @ 100 points each


Final Project Submission-Presentation (Oral presentation): 1 @ 100 points each


Total Points


Required Textbook

This manual will be provided electronically at no cost to students in the OEL695 Capstone Seminar Blackboard Course Shell. There will be no required textbook to purchase.

  • Charter Oak State College. Master of Science in Organizational Effectiveness and Leadership Capstone Project Handbook. 1st ed. Charter Oak State College.

Supplemental Required Readings / Resources

  • Links to the supplemental readings and articles are provided in the course shells.

Course Schedule

WeekPLOsSLOsReadings and ExercisesAssignments




Topic: Planning the Project

  • Video Lectures:
    • YouTube Video- Project Management Tutorial
    • YouTube Video- Project Management tools-Work Breakdown Schedule
  • Gradable Assignment # 1: Discussion Question 1
  • Gradable Assignment # 2: Draft- Introduction (40 Points)
  • Interim Project Submission # 1- Proposal from OEL690 (No Points)
  • Review Capstone Project Handbook
  • Review lecture material




Topic: The Literature Review

  • Video Lecture:
    • YouTube Video- Tutorial-Literature Review
  • Gradable Assignment # 3: Discussion Question 2
  • Gradable Assignment # 4: Interim Project Submission # 2- Draft Literature Review
  • Review lecture material




Topics: Methodology and Tools

  • Video Lectures:
    • YouTube Video- Project Management Tools-Mind Mapping
    • YouTube Video- Project Management Tools-Spaghetti Diagram
    • YouTube Video- Project Management Tools-Benchmarking
    • YouTube Video- Project Management Tools-Process Flowcharting
  • Gradable Assignment # 5: Discussion Question 3
  • Gradable Assignment # 6: Interim Project Submission # 3- Draft-Methodology
  • Review the lecture material




Topics: Conducting Analysis and Preparing Conclusions

  • Gradable Assignment # 7: Discussion Question 4
  • Gradable Assignment # 8: Interim Project Submission # 4- Draft Findings and Conclusions
  • Review the lecture material




Topics: Preparing Recommendations and Reflection Analysis

  • Gradable Assignment # 9: Discussion Question 5
  • Gradable Assignment # 10: Interim Project Submission # 5- Draft-Recommendations and Reflections
  • Review the lecture material




Topics: Professional Presentations

  • Video:
    • YouTube Video-How to Avoid Death by PowerPoint
    • YouTube Video-TED’s Secret to Great Public Speaking
    • YouTube Video-The Seven secrets of the Greatest Speakers in History
  • Gradable Assignment # 11: Discussion Question 6
  • Gradable Assignment # 12: Interim Project Submission # 6- Draft-PowerPoint Presentation
  • Review the lecture material




Topics: The Final Product

  • Video Lectures:
    • There are no lectures / or supplemental reading this week. All focus needs to be directed to the creation of your final project and answering the discussion question.
  • Gradable Assignment # 13: Discussion Question 7
  • Gradable Assignment # 14: Final Project Submission-Report
  • Gradable Assignment # 15: Final Project Submission-PowerPoint
  • Review the lecture material




Topics: Final Project Submission & Course Wrap-up

  • Lectures:
    • Students will deliver their final oral presentation this week.
  • Gradable Assignment # 16: Program Completion Survey
  • Gradable Assignment # 17: Final Project Submission- Presentation (Oral Presentation-No Blackboard submission)

COSC Accessibility Statement

Charter Oak State College encourages students with disabilities, including non-visible disabilities such as chronic diseases, learning disabilities, head injury, attention deficit/hyperactive disorder, or psychiatric disabilities, to discuss appropriate accommodations with the Office of Accessibility Services at

COSC Policies, Course Policies, Academic Support Services and Resources

Students are responsible for knowing all Charter Oak State College (COSC) institutional policies, course-specific policies, procedures, and available academic support services and resources. Please see COSC Policies for COSC institutional policies, and see also specific policies related to this course. See COSC Resources for information regarding available academic support services and resources.