Health Information Fundamentals for Health Professionals Certificate

The Health Information Fundamentals for Health Professionals Certificate is designed for students who are employed in an administrative staff position within healthcare, primarily in an HIM department, who are looking to gain a better understanding of HIM and want to advance in their career.

This certificate is 12 credits, all of which must be taken at Charter Oak. All courses must be completed with a grade of C or above.

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Certificate Requirements

  • Courses


    HCA 101: Health Care Systems and Administration3 credits
    HCA 105: Medical Terminology3 credits
    HIM 115: Principles of Health Information Management3 credits
    HIM 205: Reimbursement Methodologies3 credits

    Total: 12 credits
  • Student Learning Outcomes

    Student Learning Outcomes

    Students who complete a Health Information Fundamentals for Health Professionals certificate will be able to:

    1. discuss the U.S. healthcare system and the various healthcare settings,
    2. identify the wide variety of healthcare providers and their roles and specialties,
    3. use and apply basic medical terminology,
    4. explain health information management and the various roles/positions/job functions that are part of an Health Information Management department,
    5. describe how coding and billing are impacted by varying health insurance plans, and
    6. explain the revenue cycle and its direct impact on the healthcare organizations budget and financial success.