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Answers the question, what am I going to provide this organization? What skills will I use to be successful? How am I going to do that? (2 sentences max)


(Make yourself stand out from your competitors!)


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Optional, however if the position you are applying to is technically driven, separating out these qualifications is important. If not, add any technical skills to the Qualifications section above.


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  • List of responsibilies
  • Be specific; include a minimum of 5 bullets of information.
  • Add keywords from the job description if applicable
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The introductory paragraph states the position you are applying for, how you heard about it, and why you are interested in the position. If someone referred you for the position, mention their name. The goal is to hook the employer and motivate them to want to review your resumé and invite you for an interview! 3-4 sentences.

Paragraphs 2–3 give actual examples of your success in areas that support what the employer is looking for in the position. This is where you link your skills and abilities with the job description. 5 sentences each.

The body of the cover letter is the most important part. To help you craft a strong body, it is important to match your qualifications with those the employer is looking for. To help you do this, you will need to study the job description in great detail. Extract the main functions, tasks, and desired qualifications from the job description and give examples from your past work experience to illustrate how you are a good fit.

The final paragraph shows enthusiasm for working for the company. Request an interview to further discuss the position and state that you will call within a week to follow up. Thank the employer for their time and consideration.

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Your Name
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Dear [Recipient Name]:

The first paragraph should thank the individual that interviewed you, mentioning the specific title of the position and date. It should include a leading sentence of your qualification and the paragraph should be no longer than three sentences.

The second paragraph should focus on a specific topic covered in the interview that shows you are a strong candidate for the position. In this statement, you should tie your strength back to the company’s projects or goals. The paragraph should be approximately three to five sentences.

You may choose to do a third paragraph, if you think you did not cover something that makes you a strong candidate or you felt that you didn’t answer something to the best of your ability. In this statement, you may want to reiterate a skill, knowledge or qualification that makes you a good candidate. This paragraph should be two to five sentences.

The last paragraph emphasizes your enthusiasm for the position, the best time and phone number to reach you and mention any follow-up date that you obtained during the interview. This should be two to three sentences.

[Your Name]