Organizational Leadership Bachelor's Degree Program

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Students completing the Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership will acquire the knowledge and skill sets to serve in various leadership and management roles in the business, government, and the nonprofit sectors.

Organizations in the 21st century require leaders who demonstrate a broad knowledge base of varied business disciplines and leadership skill sets, utilized for purposes of achieving the organization’s mission in a highly competitive and changing global environment. This requires leaders to be able to drive high levels of performance at the individual, team, and organizational levels. Particular emphasis is placed on understanding individual and team motivation, team dynamics, ethical behavior, and organizational change processes.

Health Care Administration option is also available.

This major requires a minimum of 42 credits. All major requirements must be completed with a grade of 'C' or higher.

  • COM 326: Organizational Communication

    3 credits
  • HRM 310: Human Resources Management

    3 credits
  • MGT 101: Principles of Management

    3 credits
  • MGT 315: Organizational Behavior

    3 credits
  • MGT 326: Organizational Theory
    MGT 327: Organizational Change

    3 credits
  • MGT 330: Diversity & Inclusion in Workplace

    3 credits
  • MGT 450: Leadership Practices

    3 credits
  • MGT 451: Team Leadership

    3 credits
  • MKT 220: Principles of Marketing

    3 credits
  • PHL 485: Business Ethics & Individual Values

    3 credits
    • One of the following electives:
    • MGT 350: Entrepreneurship
    • MGT 360: Small Business Management
    • MGT 460: Project Management
    • MGT 467: Training and Development
    3 credits
  • LDR 495: Organizational Leadership Capstone

    3 credits
  • Total

    36 credits


  • ITE101 Management Information Systems
  • ECO 103 Macroeconomics OR ECO 104 Microeconomics
  • HCA 301: Contemporary Ethical Issues in HCA

    3 credits
  • HCA 350: Transcultural Competency in HCA

    3 credits
  • HCA 450: Leadership in HCA

    3 credits
  • Total

    9 credits


Students who elect the Health Care Administration option will be able to substitute equivalent courses geared towards Health Care for the Ethics, Diversity, and Leadership Practices core requirements of the Major. Students will be required to take the following course in addition to ITE 101 and ECO 103 or 104 as an additional major prerequisite.

  • HCA 101: Health Care Systems and Admin

The Heath Care Admin option is an approved alternate way of meeting some of the core requirements of the Organizational Leadership Major, but there is no additional distinction made on the transcript.

Faculty Member Sheila Fry

Sheila Fry

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Rebecca Natale

Faculty Member Kathleen Dove

Kathleen Dove

Outcomes & Pathways

Students who graduate with a BS in Organizational Leadership will be able to:

  1. explain the major elements that comprise successful leadership;
  2. apply organizational processes;
  3. apply practical skills essential for success in their chosen professions and in their personal lives, including interpersonal relations, problem solving, team building, collaboration, motivation, and communication;
  4. think creatively, ethically, and logically;
  5. explain globalization's effects and opportunities;
  6. integrate organizational and management theory with interpersonal competence;
  7. assess leadership effectiveness using a coherent leader/follower model; and
  8. apply ethical principles in implementing leadership decisions.

Students who graduate with a BS in Organizational Leadership and elect the Health Care option will additionally be able to:

  1. apply organizational leadership competencies to health care administration;
  2. discuss legal and ethical responsibilities in health care; and
  3. demonstrate the importance of understanding how diversity impacts health care, including patient treatment and the workforce.

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