Second Baccalaureate Candidates

Charter Oak State College building

Students who have earned a baccalaureate, graduate or doctorate degree from a regionally accredited college or university may matriculate at Charter Oak State College to pursue a second bachelor's degree, but not an associate degree, with the permission of the Director of Admissions.

The second degree must be in a different field of study from the first one. To seek approval to earn a second degree, please email the Director of Admissions, Lori Gagne Pendleton at and discuss your rationale for pursuing the second degree prior to completing the application.

Please see the catalog for more specific academic degree requirements.

To earn a second baccalaureate degree a student must:

  • earn a minimum of 30 semester credits subsequent to the award of the initial degree
  • earn at least 15 of the subsequent credits at the upper level in the new Concentration
  • meet all distributive requirements
  • apply no more than 9 credits from the previous degree earned toward the new Concentration

Persons holding a Master of Arts or Master of Science or an earned doctorate must also request approval in writing from the Director of Admissions before applying for a bachelor's degree program.

Concurrent Degree Policy

A student cannot concurrently earn a degree using substantially the same courses at two different institutions. An applicant should advise the Office of Admissions upon application if s/he intends to seek a concurrent degree. The student must take at least 30 credits that are not in the other degree program. The 30 credits must be in the concentration/major and a minimum of 15-18 must be at the upper level. Upon enrollment, the student should work closely with her/his academic advisor in course selection.