Software Development Bachelor's Degree Program

Woman sitting at a computer terminal while coding

New! Bachelor of Science in Software Development – ideal for those with an aptitude for information technology, problem solving, math and science.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the various aspects of software development with our new Software Development major. Students in this program learn to work with a diverse range of programming languages, mobile and web technologies, web application frameworks, project management, and databases. This project-driven program enables students to learn from experienced faculty who are actively involved in the industry. The Bureau of Labor anticipates a 22% job growth rate with a median wage of over $110,000 nationally through 2030.

Students will earn a Charter Oak State College IT Support Professional Certificate with the successful completion of the first four courses in the major. Plus, will be prepared for the CompTIA A+ industry certification (optional choice for students to complete on their own).

  • Computer Information Systems3 credits
  • Integrated IT Systems and Emerging Technologies3 credits
  • Cybersecurity Fundamentals3 credits
  • ITE 220:  Networking & Data Communications3 credits
  • Program Logic and Design with Python3 credits
  • Data Structures and Algorithms3 credits
  • Software Development Process Overview3 credits
  • Web-based Development3 credits
  • ITE 430:  Database Management and Design3 credits
  • Object Oriented Programming and Architectures3 credits
  • DevOps Methodology3 credits
  • MGT 101: Principles of Management3 credits
  • MGT 460: Fundamentals of Project Management3 credits
  • Agile Project Management3 credits
  • Choose one of the following:
    ITE 330: Systems Analysis and Design
    ITE 345:  Computer Ethics
    ITE 410:  Software Engineering
    ITE 225:  Computer Organization
    Information Systems Practicum
    3 credits
  • ITE 495: Capstone3 credits
  • Total48 credits

Outcomes & Pathways

Students who graduate with a major in Software Development will be able to:

  • apply learned knowledge and techniques to develop software systems designed to solve specific problems;
  • develop requirements, build designs, implement & test code and deploy on a variety of architectures;
  • utilize the foundations of software development in current and future computer languages;
  • develop the necessary project management and improvement skills required in the IT industry;
  • appraise the importance of databases in modern applications and develop the skills to build them;
  • execute the necessary skills necessary to explain the network and associated components relevant to modern development; and
  • recognize the importance of security in both the network and applications running on the Internet.

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