Data Sources

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness uses data from various sources to report on Charter Oak students. Below is a list of the most commonly used sources.

  • IPEDS Fall Enrollment Survey - Used to report on fall enrollment numbers, student demographics, and one-year retention. IPEDS does not collect detailed enrollment information for the spring and summer semesters, though the same information reported to IPEDS for the fall enrollment is available for the spring and summer.
  • IPEDS 12-Month Enrollment Survey - Used to report unduplicated head count and credit hour generation for the entire fiscal year.
  • IPEDS Completions Survey - Used to report degree and certificate program completions for the entire fiscal year. Data include student demographics and program-specific completion counts.
  • IPEDS Graduation Rates Survey - Used to report 150% graduation rates for first-time, full-time students. The vast majority of Charter Oak students are part-time, transfer students, so the number of students reported on this survey is small.
  • IPEDS Outcome Measures Survey - Used to report more complete information about graduation rates. This survey allows Charter Oak to report on full-time and part-time students who come to the College as either first-time or transfer students. Rates are reported at the 4-year, 6-year, and 8-year marks.
  • IPEDS Finance Survey - Used to report fiscal year data on the College's expenses and revenues. Metrics about expenditures per FTE and expenditures per degree completion are derived from this survey.
  • Graduation Survey - This survey gathers data from students when they apply to graduate. Data are collected throughout the year and reported at the end of the summer. Students respond to questions about what factors helped them complete their degree, future educational plans, employment, and overall satisfaction with Charter Oak.
  • Course Evaluation Survey - Students are invited every semester to respond to this survey, which asks questions about how helpful instructors, course materials, Blackboard, and other online learning tools were in assisting students to learn the course subject matter.
  • Subsequent Enrollment Report - This report relies on enrollment data from the National Student Clearinghouse to determine how many students pursued further education within two years of graduating from Charter Oak. It is common for students to pursue a Charter Oak bachelor's or master's degree after earning a lower-level degree at the the College. The report is completed annually.
  • Employment Report - This report provides information about the labor force participation of Charter Oak graduates. The report relies on the work of two data partners. They are the Connecticut Department of Labor and the U.S. Census Bureau. Since neither data partner works on Charter Oak's timeline, this report is completed annually as long as new data are available.