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Strategic Plan

Charter Oak State College developed a one-year strategic plan (2015-16) built upon the five goals of the Board of Regents for the Connecticut State Colleges and University System (CSCU).

  • A successful first year
  • Improve student success
  • Maximize affordability and sustainability
  • Cultivate innovation and economic growth
  • Ensure equity

The College will embark on a 5 year strategic plan once its NEASC reaccreditation visit is over. The College will use the data gathered during the Self-Study process and the input received from the Visiting Team to assist in the strategic planning process.


Increase the number of students who successfully complete a first year at college

ActivityMeasurePerson AssignedAny Necessary DollarsMet/Not Met
 2% increase over 2014-15: 13 month retention rateEntire college Results due in April 2017
Update the online orientation course10% of new students will utilize the course during their first semesterEmily Lewis Tabled until BB transition is complete
Build a developers course to assist faculty in course developments emphasizing andragogy that will help will student retention100% participation by new course developers/lead instructors; increased student retention and overall course satisfactionEmily Lewis and ID team met
Maintain 2014-15 enrollment levels in ECE/ARCEnrollment dataJo-Ann Stabler-Williams over goal
Obtain new Attendance and Retention softwareIncrease in GPA and decrease in failure rateJen Washington not met
Upgrade advising worksheet and degree audit in JenzabarIncrease in retention because students will have more informationLinda Larkin, Jen Washington met
Implement text messaging from Registrar's OfficeResponses receivedJen Washington and IT staffPossible costnot met
Continue with retention studyFinal reportMike Broderick In progress
Redesign ACORNStudent responseJen Washington, IT staff met

Graduate more students with the knowledge and skills to achieve their life and career goals

ActivityMeasurePerson AssignedAny Necessary DollarsMet/Not Met
 2% increase over 2014-15Entire college met: 664 students graduated in FY16 compared to 587 in FY15
Assist Academics with Communication to students via social media. Providing a moderated community source of interactionEvent responses/Student action/Increasing engagement/# of postsDan Russell$500Social media met; Moderated forum, met 10/16 Maintenance and updates that impact student section on policies and proceduresAccurate informationDan Russell met
Email efforts to promote events and share informationEmails read and responded toDan Russell met
Develop HIM Certificate/post baccalaureateAppropriate approvals Emily Lewis, Cindy Edgerton, and Shirley Adams met
Maintain accreditation for ECE/ARC programAccreditation approvedJo-Ann Stabler-Williams, Shirley Adams in progress
Develop Cyber Security certificatesAppropriate approvalsEmily Lewis, Cyber Security instructors, Shirley Adams met
Develop WIT/CT Wage Newsletter for programs which will provide helpful tips on resume building, writing skills, career pointers, etc.Newsletter reviewing responses/Exiting student feedback vial survey & graduate survey responsesDelores Bell not met

Maximize access to higher education by making attendance affordable and our institutions financially sustainable

ActivityMeasurePerson AssignedAny Necessary DollarsMet/Not Met
 10% increase in PLA; three additional reverse transfer agreementsEntire college Almost met: PLA increased by 9.9% (22,580 in FY16 and 20,545 in FY15)
Develop (pilot) courses that utilize low cost or no cost materialsThree courses developedEmily Lewis$10,000 for faculty incentivemet
Promote PLA using new audit tool, admissions and web siteIncreased enrollment in PLA activities by 10%Linda Wilder partially met
Gain funding for PLA scholarships from FoundationScholarship approvedShirley Adams and Linda Wilder met
Increase testing dates and timesIncrease testing volume and revenuePaul Morganti met
Gain additional funding for WIT/CT WageFunding increase by 10%, increased number of students servedDelores Bell and Angela Chapman not met
Implement Alternative Credit Project and edX agreementsNumber of students who use the optionJen Washington/Paul Morganti met
Expand the revenue generating services of CTDLCFinal revenue and expense statement. Year-end strategic plan report.Kevin Corcoran, CTDLC Staff not met

Create educational environments that cultivate innovation and prepare students for successful careers in a fast changing world

ActivityMeasurePerson AssignedAny Necessary DollarsMet/Not Met
Ensure that all courses teach critical thinking, information analysis, and effective communication skillsValidated through academic review process and student surveysEmily Lewis ongoing
Research non-credit program management softwareSelect vendor and prepare financial analysisRegistrar/IT/BO/AANot possible-no funds availablenot met

Eliminate achievement disparities among different ethnic/racial, economic, and gender groups

ActivityMeasurePerson AssignedAny Necessary DollarsMet/Not Met
Review all courses to see if they support the leaning needs of a diverse student populationIncreased minority graduation rates. Review retention data on students with disabilities. Provide special tutoring if needed.Emily Lewis, Linda Larkin, Andrea Hojnacki ongoing
Maintain full enrollment in WIT and CT WageEnrollment Data reportsDelores Bell not met

Maintain overall student enrollment at 2014-15 level

ActivityMeasurePerson AssignedAny Necessary DollarsMet/Not Met
See recruitment and retention activities throughout strategic planEnrollment Data reportscollege-wide Not met: FY16 enrollment fell beneath FY15 enrollment (in unduplicated head count and credits generated)

Increase new student enrollment

ActivityMeasurePerson AssignedAny Necessary DollarsMet/Not Met
Increase enrollment in in-demand programsHealth Care- 200; Public Safety 95; CyberSecurty - 75Admissions not met
Increase student enrollment utilizing corporate recruitmentCT Hospitals-75; UTS- 30;Red Cross - 25, EdAssist - 60Admissions not met
Expand recruitment of CCAPed programsPlan developed and implemented for recruitment activitiesAdmissions plan developed
Increase student enrollment utilizing community organizations Admissions not met
Increase student enrollment utilizing partnerships50 studentsAdmissions met
Recruit and Retain military students25 Air ForceAdmissions not met
Design, implement CRMcompleted projectAdmissionsno fundingcancelled
Increase prospect to application to matriculation yields Admissions not met
Jackson Marketing Campaign Marketing Dept.$200,000met
Remarketing to website visitors-year roundCompleted inquiry formsMarketing Dept.$24,500met
Promote HIM accreditation when ready# HIM prospectsMarketing Dept.$25,000met
Cyber Security marketing campaign# of Cyber Security prospectsMarketing Dept.$60,000 - budget cutnot met
Refresh WebsiteIncreased Inquiries/Better retention of mobile visitorsDan/Carolyn$15,000met
Continue current MKTG activities Marketing Dept. met
Implement TAP agreementsIncreased number of transfer studentsRegistrar/Provost/TAP Faculty/AC ongoing

Develop Master's degree

ActivityMeasurePerson AssignedAny Necessary DollarsMet/Not Met
Develop courses and hire faculty and staff for Organizational Effectiveness and LeadershipCourses developed, staff hiredEmily Lewis met
Develop and implement recruitment/marketing plan20 students in first cohort, followed by 20 in each of the following cohortsLori, new staff, Carolyn, Emily, Shirley over goal
Redesign Jenzabar to handle graduate studentsJenzabar redesignedJen W., Lori, IT staff, BO staff, Emily, Shirley, Mike B met
Plan next master's degreeBegin approval processEmily Lewis, Cindy Edgerton, Shirley Adams In process
Develop graduate certificate in health care informaticsBegin approval processEmily Lewis, Cindy Edgerton, Shirley Adams Tabled

Integrate into the ConnSCU

ActivityMeasurePerson AssignedAny Necessary DollarsMet/Not Met
TAP ImplementationAgreements completedProvost/Faculty committees/Registrar' Office Ongoing
Reverse TransferIncreased number of reverse transfer agreements issuedRegistrar's Office Process is now system wide
Electronic TranscriptsNumber of transcripts; increased efficiencyRegistrar's Office Met
Review Transform 2020 initiativesPrioritize initiatives for Charter Oak and implement into our strategic planPresident/Provost 2020 dropped, developed ideas that we could do for the system, such as call center, tech help desk, online courses for low enrolled courses, PLA and assessment of military credit.
Assist with the data warehouse projectRFP developed and progress towards agreed upon data elementsProvost, IR Director, Director of Admissions, and IT Assoc Dir met
Assist with OER projectReportKevin Corcoran, and Susan Deane met
Develop, expand, and support e-tutoring communityIncreased use by system collegesCTDLC not met
Expand call center services to system collegesIncreased use by systemCTDLC met. Worked with 7 colleges, expansion for 2017
Provide expertise on PLAIncreased recognition of PLA by the other collegesLinda Wilder/Shirley Adams Held first meeting met