Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Charter Oak State College developed a one-year strategic plan (2014-15) built upon the five goals of the Board of Regent's for the Connecticut State College and University System (CSCU).

  • A successful first year
  • Improve student success
  • Maximize affordability and sustainability
  • Cultivate innovation and economic growth
  • Ensure equity

The decision to develop a one-year plan instead of a new five-year plan gives the college a change to draw upon the discussions and results of the Transform CSCU 2020 goal setting initiative that will take place over this academic year. Additionally, Charter Oak will use this year to begin conducting a SWOT analysis that will assist in its five-year plan development.


Increase the number of students who successfully complete a first year at college
Currently at 58%, increase to 60%

ActivityMeasurePerson Assigned
Ensure compliance with military Executive ordersStudent academic plans completed their specificationsDirector of admissions and Director of Academic  Services
Network with CSCUs to develop support network for military students and veteransAgreements with each of the CSCUs that have a support program for military/veteransDirector of Admissions and Director of Academic Services
Advance as primary vehicle for inquiries and information for prospective studentsRevised CharterOak.eduDirector of Marketing
Develop an online orientation for all students to better prepare students to take online courses and to decrease the number of calls for assistance.10% of the new students will utilize the course during their first semester. Academic Dean
Redesign IDS 101 course to increase students writing ability2% increase in pass rateAcademic Dean 
Develop online orientation for faculty that includes adult learning theory and pedagogy to increase student success.100% participation by new faculty; 25% participation by current faculty.Academic Dean
Review admissions, financial aid, and business office processes for improvements in student serviceIncrease positive experience of new;  Baseline Spring 2014 data: 92% pleased with admissions; 73% for FA; 68% for Business officeDirector of Admissions, CFO, Director of FA
Continue to work with Starfish to maximize its capabilities for "early alert"Decrease failures, AW and W grades based on 2013-14 dataRegistrar and Director of Academic Services
Implement new advising worksheet and degree auditSuccessful implementationRegistrar and Director of Academic Services
Increase enrollment in WIT/CT WageFull enrollment dependent on fundingWIT/CT Wage Coordinator, Director of Financial Aid
Revamp advising process to align with new Cornerstone course and concentration/major planning85% of students will have an approved concentration/major on their record within 1st semester, 100 % by end of second semesterDirector of Academic Support
Enhance associate degree student advisingIncrease associated degree one year retention by 5%Director of Academic Services
Collect data on persistence and graduation rates of students with disabilities to inform expansion of servicesReport to Executive CommitteeDirector of Academic Services
Review approaches to work more flexibly with students that owe a balance in order to aid them in continuing their studiesCompletion of review by fall semester and developing potential approaches by the end of the fall semesterChief Financial and Administrative Officer

Graduate more students with the knowledge and skills to achieve their life and career goals
A dynamic community of online learners advancing the nation's workforce one graduate at a time.

ActivityMeasurePerson Assigned
Improve graduation rate by 2% over 5 yearsGraduation rate for Fy 08 cohort was 63%College-wide goal
Improve measures of workforce and grad school preparednessBased on 2012-13 data: 83% prepared for Grad school; 73% job/career related to degree; 62% helped prepare for current occupation, 78% employment within 3 monthsCollege-wide goal
Convert Business and Psychology concentrations to majorsMajors approvedAcademic Dean
Develop cybersecurity and HIM certificatesCertificates approvedAcademic Dean
Develop one new major that is vocational focused.Major approvedAcademic Dean and Provost
Gain accreditation by CAHIM for HIM programAccreditationAcademic Dean and Provost
Continue to evaluate the ECE/ARC program to ensure that it is meeting the needs of the students.Receive reaccreditationProvost and ECE/ARC Coordinator
Leverage Academic Software to provide student/faculty access to current software tools for free or discount to ensure that students are using current tool and resources as part of their academic programGraduation rate currently at 63% increase to 65%Assistant Manager of Project Management and Training

Maximize access to higher education by making attendance affordable and our institutions financially sustainable

ActivityMeasurePerson Assigned
Pilot giving scholarships for PLA activities to see if students will use it to reduce cost of educationIncrease in number of students using PLA after matriculating at college  5 year goal of 20% of students graduating with some form of PLA.Provost and PLA Coordinator
Explore adding a non-credit version of portfolio development to reduce cost of portfolio processCourse developedPLA Coordinator and Provost
Gain approval from Department of Education for experimental site for financial aid for PLAIncrease in number of students using PLAProvost and PLA Coordinator
Continue to explore a joint PLA program with our peer institutions to reduce the cost of non-credit program evaluations and to make credit for those more accessible to our studentsSigned agreementProvost and PLA Coordinator
Complete the development of the PLA audit tool so students can self-assess if they are good candidates for PLA. Thus reducing the cost of their education and time to degree.Tool developedPovost, PLA Coordinator, IT
Strengthen our PLA marketingIncrease in usage of PLA by our students over 2013-14PLA Coordinator and Director of Marketing
Continue to seek outside funding for the WIT and CT wage program to make college more affordable for low income students.Increase support by $10,000WIT Coordinator
Pilot an Open Educational R resource (OER) course development initiative in the Spring of 2015 to remove the cost of textbooks.Report of pilot to distance learning committee and administration.Academic Dean
Increase testing dates and timesIncrease access by 5% and revenue by 10%Registrar
Continue to work with the ConnSCU schools to develop TAP agreements.All TAP agreements developedProvost, Faculty, Registrar, Academic Dean
Develop 3 reverse transfer agreementsAgreements developedProvost, Registrar
Utilize yearlong course schedule to assist in degree planning and retention to graduation1% increase in retention rateDirector of Academic Services
IT reorganization-Information Security Program-Proactive steps to mitigate the risk of a catastrophic data loss. Costs would be passed onto students with increase in costs or cuts in service levelReorganization and construction of new procedures and guidelinesDirector of MIS

Create educational environments that cultivate innovation and prepare students for successful careers in a fast changing world

ActivityMeasurePerson Assigned
As part of the academic program review process, ensure that all courses teach critical thinking, information analysis, and effective  communication skills. Academic Dean
Design and deliver courses that integrate technology and/or various types of electronic media.2% increase in courses using technology/electronic mediaAcademic Dean
Improve the management of non-credit courses and programsDevelop a report based on software reviews or develop an RFP for a management tool.Registrar and Academic Dean
Hold information sessions for students on careers and graduate school plansReach 150 studentsDirector of Academic Services
IT Reorganization to provide academic technology/software supportReorganization and change of position descriptionChief Information Officer

Eliminate achievement disparities among different ethnic/racial, economic, and gender groups

ActivityMeasurePerson Assigned
Review data on minority students to determine why decline in retentionDevelop report for Executive Committee with recommendationsDirector of Institutional Effectiveness
Explore how the alumni association can assist in serving minority population. Director of Admissions
Review all courses to see if they support the learning needs of a  diverse student population.Report of number that need changes and a plan for making the changes.Academic Dean
Develop two additional support programs for WIT/CT Wage studentsIncrease retention by 2%WIT Coordinator

Increase new student enrollment

ActivityMeasurePerson Assigned
Develop articulation agreement with HIM/HIT programs in CT, OH, TX, FLEnroll 180 students in health care programsDirector of Admissions 
Hold recruitment events in CT and FL for both PSA and CJ concentrationsEnroll 85 students in public safety programsDirector of Admissions
Identify target market for cybersecurity and plan recruiting activitiesEnroll 50 students in cybersecurity programDirector of Admissions
Recruit at CT community colleges Market through SHRM and Chamber eventsEnroll 30 students in Human ResourcesDirector of Admissions
Implement targeted marketing in TX, FL, and OhioIncrease out-of-state enrollment by 20%Director of Admissions and Director of Marketing
Process GBTGA leadsEnroll 350 GBTGA students in fall and 250 in springDirector of Admissions
Utilize Chambers, WIB's, DOL: to identify underrepresented populations for recruiting purposesIncrease prospects by 2%Director of Admissions
Establish trusts/login principles to facilitate sharing of resources for students and staff (library, video, conference, etc.)IntegrationChief Information Officer

Integrate into the ConnSCU system

ActivityMeasurePerson Assigned
Integrate our college branding with the system brandingA coordinated brandDirector of marketing
Continue to explore ways Charter Oak can articulate program development with the other collegesDevelop at least one jointly developed programProvost and Dean
Work with the colleges to promote prior learning assessmentExpand PLA at all of the colleges. Develop at least one PLA agreementProvost and PLA Coordinator
Serve on ConnSCU committee to develop an electronic transcript exchangeTranscript exchange implementedRegistrar
Serve on committees to develop TAP agreementsTAP agreements developedProvost, Registrar, Faculty, Academic Dean
Continue to lead the Go Back to Get Ahead ProjectAll funds from legislature expended and final report submitted to BOR and Governor's officeProvost, Director of Admissions, Director of Marketing, CIO, CFO, President
Serve on committee to work towards integration of online data basesPlan producedProvost, Associate Academic Advisor, Academic Dean
Serve on committees focused on standardizing financial practices for all 17 institutionsDevelopment of Policy manual my May 2015, creation of universal charts of accounts by February 2015Director of Finance and CFO