From your Alumni Association President

A Message for Charter Oak State College Alumni

If you're a new alum or previous Charter Oak graduate unaware of the important primary role of the College's Alumni Association, allow me to briefly explain. Simply, the Association, through its nationwide network of members, strives to spread the word of Charter Oak's position as a key institution of higher education that provides affordable, online degree completion opportunity for adult learners.

We are always in search of alumni eager to share the positive aspects of their Charter Oak learning experiences with prospective students. Of course, every organization requires a 'steering' committee and, in essence, that is the function of our Alumni Board. We encourage dedicated individuals to join the Board and we welcome volunteers to play important roles in developing and promoting Association functions designed to enhance the Charter Oak image. It is not necessary that you reside in Connecticut to participate. Our teleconferencing capabilities place you in the 'same room' with your fellow alums allowing for a valuable exchange of ideas.

There are other means through which to remain in touch with your alma mater and fellow alumni. The College's Facebook Page and a newly-created Alumni Network on LinkedIn allow you to establish constructive, long term relationships with your fellow alumni and to share ideas and opinions on a variety of College and non-College-related issues.

Please, participate in our Association in any way you're able. Our alumni are one of the College's most important assets. We welcome your input at all times, and we, in turn, strive to keep you informed about Charter Oak throughout the year using e-mail and our Web site.


Carlo Esidore,
Lifetime Member and Former President, Charter Oak State College Alumni Association