IDS 101: Cornerstone Seminar

Course Description

This course prepares students for success in their online program and beyond. Students will develop or confirm their career/personal goals and create a personalized academic plan to complete their degree at Charter Oak State College. Essential academic skills including digital, information literacy, critical thinking, and research writing will be addressed to prepare students for their subsequent coursework at the college. This course is required of all Charter Oak State College degree-seeking students and should be taken as soon as possible after matriculation.

Students must earn an overall, final grade of "C" or higher to pass the course.


  • Student must be matriculated (entered into a degree program) at Charter Oak State College.
  • ENG 101: English Composition 1

Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Identify campus resources and engage with the campus community.
  2. Define and apply online college success strategies.
  3. Define and apply online college resilience strategies.
  4. Create academic and career/personal plans including strategies for goal attainment.
  5. Identify plagiarism and understand how and when to summarize, paraphrase, and quote research findings.
  6. Write a research paper that reflects use of relevant sources, proper citation, critical thinking and logical argument.
  7. Create a digital presentation that demonstrates the ability to reflect on course topics of critical thinking, research writing, and interactive digital communication.

General Education Outcomes (GEOs)

Please check the applicable GEOs for this course, if any, by outcomes at GEO Category Search, or by subject area at GEO Discipline Search.

Course Activities and Grading


Discussions (180 Pts, Weeks 2-7)


Quizzes (120 Pts, Weeks 1(x2), 2, 4)


Best Strategies Reflection (30 Pts, Week 1)


College Resource Guide Reflection (30 Pts, Week 2)


Research Paper Topic Selection (75 Pts, Week 3)


Research Paper Outline (75 Pts, Week 4)


Research Paper First Draft (85 Pts, Week 5)


Research Paper Checklist (75 Pts, Week 6)


Research Paper (200 Pts, Week 7)


Enrollment Activity or Reflection (30 Pts, Week 8)


Digital Reflections Presentation (100 Pts, Week 8)




Required Textbook

  • This course uses Open Educational Resources (OER). OER are openly licensed, educational resources that can be used for teaching, learning and research. OER may consist of a variety of resources such as textbooks, videos and software that are at little or no cost for students.

Course Schedule

Note: Readings will be taken from textbooks that will be provided in the course:

WeekSLOsReadings and ExercisesAssignments



Topic: Introduction to Online Learning

  • Read and Watch Online Learning & Success Strategies Materials
  • Read Course Expectations for Students, Faculty, and Staff Materials
  • Read and Watch Plagiarism and Anti-Plagiarism Reports Materials
  • Read and Watch Blackboard Navigation Materials
  • Student Introduction Discussion
  • Best Strategies Reflection Paper
  • COSC Resources and Blackboard Navigation Quizzes



Topic: College/Community Resources

  • Read and Watch Applying Strategies to Manage Stress Materials
  • Read Student Resource Guide Materials
  • Applying Strategies with Conflicts Discussion
  • College Resource Guide Reflection Paper
  • Charter Oak State College Resource Guide Quiz



Topic: Setting Career/Personal Goals

  • Read and Watch SMART Goals Materials
  • Read and Watch O*NET Career Research Materials
  • Complete Career One Stop Skills Matcher Activity
  • Read and Watch Time Management for Online Students Materials
  • Career Skills Match Discussion
  • Submit Final Paper Topic Selection



Topic: College Writing/Research, & APA

  • Read and Watch Creating Your Outline of the Research Paper Materials
  • Read and Watch Types of Sources Materials
  • Creating Your Outline Discussion
  • Types of Sources Quiz
  • Submit Draft Outline of Your Research Paper



Topic: Connecting your Career/Personal Goals to Map your Advising Worksheet

  • Read and Watch Understanding Your Advising Worksheet Materials
  • Read and Watch Credit for Prior Learning Materials
  • Read and Watch Technological Literacy Materials
  • Advising Worksheet Discussion
  • Submit Research Paper First Draft



Topic: Incorporating Feedback and Improving Research

  • Read Feedback from Online Tutor Material
  • Submit Your Research Paper to Online Tutor Activity
  • Read and Watch Using Good Sources Materials
  • Read and Watch Prepare to Submit Edits for Final Paper Materials
  • Research Paper Peer Review Discussion
  • Submit Research Paper Checklist



Topic: Building Resiliency Strategies


  • Read and Watch Resilience Strategies Materials
  • Finding Resilience Discussion
  • Submit Final Paper



Topic: Reflection and Preparing for the Next Semester & Beyond

  • Read and Watch Student Clubs, Alumni, and Student Government Association Materials
  • Read and Watch Registering for Next Semester and Financing Your Education Materials
  • Enroll for Next Semester Activity
  • Read and Watch Career Services Materials
  • Read and Watch Micro-Internships Materials
  • Optional Discussion – Share Presentation
  • Enrollment Activity or Reflection Assignment
  • Submit Final Presentation
  • Complete the course evaluation


COSC Accessibility Statement

Charter Oak State College encourages students with disabilities, including non-visible disabilities such as chronic diseases, learning disabilities, head injury, attention deficit/hyperactive disorder, or psychiatric disabilities, to discuss appropriate accommodations with the Office of Accessibility Services at

COSC Policies, Course Policies, Academic Support Services and Resources

Students are responsible for knowing all Charter Oak State College (COSC) institutional policies, course-specific policies, procedures, and available academic support services and resources. Please see COSC Policies for COSC institutional policies, and see also specific policies related to this course. See COSC Resources for information regarding available academic support services and resources.