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Charter Oak State College Official Catalog

Course Grading Policy

Charter Oak State College utilizes a four-point grading system, where an "A" equals 4.0 grade points and an "F" equals 0.0 grade points. Each grade and grade point designation will correspond to a numerical percentage range as shown below. *

Letter GradeRange (%)Grade Point
WWithdrawal - Student officially withdrew.
IIncomplete - Issued with the approval of the instructor and the Dean of Undergraduate Programs or the Graduate Director when, due to special circumstances, a student is granted an extension of two weeks.
AUAudit - An audit grade cannot be changed to a letter grade after the course begins, nor can a letter grade be changed to an audit grade after the course begins.
AWAdministrative Withdrawal - Students who do not attend a registered course by the end of the refund period may be administratively withdrawn and given a final grade of AW.
PPass - Students do not have an option of electing to take a course as Pass/Fail. P grades are allowed only for courses that have been approved by the Academic Council as Pass/Fail. A grade of P is the equivalent of C or better for undergraduate students and B or better for graduate students.

* If instructors use a different grading scale, it will be noted in the course syllabus.

**Graduate students are required to repeat a graduate-level course if they receive a course grade lower than a 'B-'.