Individualized Studies Concentration

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Not all careers are created equal – some require very customized knowledge and areas of study.

Our Individualized Studies Concentration allows students to combine various areas of study into an interdisciplinary plan of study that will meet specific career objectives. It provides the opportunity to integrate a broad range of accumulated knowledge and new learning into an interdisciplinary program which will meet an individual's career and/or personal needs.

The concentration plan of study (CPS) will be developed with your Academic Counselor and submitted for faculty review and approval during your first semester at the College. Acceptance of the concentration plan is dependent upon the faculty's approval of the proposed courses and the rationale presented by the student.

Students wishing to create an Individualized Studies program plan must be able to explain the rationale for the proposed concentration and its relation to their career and/or personal goals. The rationale is key to laying the foundation for the capstone requirement.

Outcomes & Pathways

Students who graduate with a major in General Studies with a Concentration in Individualized Studies will be able to:

  • discuss factual and conceptual knowledge in each of the linked fields;
  • demonstrate the interrelationship and coherence of the linked fields by integrating such knowledge from each of them;
  • apply such integrated knowledge to scholarly and/or policy questions and problems;
  • think critically and construct an argument in the fields studied; and
  • engage in effective written communication and presentation of ideas/concepts specific to the fields studied.

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