Is Charter Oak the Right College For You?

Charter Oak State College is an online college that specializes in helping adult learners complete degrees. There are certain key attributes that successful Charter Oak students possess.

Review our Checklist

College Credits - A minimum of 9 college credits is required for admission - however, most students have significantly more earned credits. A student right out of high school would not benefit from Charter Oak's unique environment.

Technology - Access to a computer with an Internet connection and a phone enabling regular correspondence with your Academic Counselor, faculty, and classmates are essential tools for success.

Computer Skills - You should be comfortable using a computer to send e-mails, navigate the Internet, download information, and use word processing software.

Writing Skills - You will need to write clearly. Online courses rely on the written word for participating in threaded discussions and for preparing required papers. Other aspects of degree completion also require strong writing skills including portfolio preparation (if you choose to pursue this method of assessment), the Concentration Plan of Study (CPS) and Academic Autobiography.

Self-motivation - Although Charter Oak faculty and staff provide excellent support; they cannot do the work for you. You must take ownership of your own education by asking questions when you do not understand or need more information, and by maintaining regular communication with your Academic Counselor. For online courses, you must be able to complete course requirements without the physical presence of an instructor and classmates.

A Goal - Having a clear idea of what you want to ultimately do with your degree will help you work with your Academic Counselor to effectively map out your educational plans. Just wanting to complete a degree is not enough, but having a clear vision of your educational goal - such as attaining a management position or going on to graduate school - will make your pursuit much more attainable.

An Open Mind - Distance education, or the external degree model, is not traditional classroom education, and the student who pursues this type of education must understand and embrace that difference. Students who can think critically, enjoy collaboration, and simply love to learn excel at distance learning.

Our affordability, accreditation, and advantages make an education at Charter Oak State College an excellent investment. Learn about the successes of our graduates.