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Commencement 2015 student speaker April Cox
Barrington, RI resident named Charter Oak student speaker

Commencement 2015 speaker Colin McEnroe
Columnist and radio personality to speak at graduation

Commencement 2015 on May 31st
Over 550 students will comprise the Class of 2015, with 200 attending the ceremony

Charter Oak State College Enrollment Up 38%
The College's current enrollment is now at 2,836 students with over 2,000 of those students registered for online courses.

New CT Education Academy to Launch
Academy will provide training for CT state workforce

Charter Oak Ranked First for Affordability
College offers most affordable online degree program in state.

Connecticut Board of Regents for Higher Education

U.S. Citizen Status Policy

A student has to be a citizen or eligible noncitizen in order to receive federal student aid.

All financial aid applicants are matched with the Social Security Administration's (SSA) records to verify name, date of birth, social security number, and U.S. Citizenship status. In some cases, when U. S. Citizenship cannot be confirmed, the Office of Financial Aid will require documentation of U.S. citizenship from the student.

U.S. Citizenship documentation may include:

  • U.S. passport, current or expired
  • Certificate of Naturalization

Recent guidance from the U.S. Department of Education requires all institutions to view original documents when verifying U.S. citizenship statuses for federal financial aid purposes. Before aid can be disbursed, a student must visit the Office of Financial Aid and provide original citizenship documentation for review. DO NOT MAIL ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS.

Students who are unable to come in person to the Office of Financial Aid are required to visit Social Security to update their citizenship status with SSA's records.

* The U.S. Citizensihp and Immigration Services does not update social security records for new U.S. citizens. Therefore, all naturalized U.S. citizens are required to update their Social Security record. It is important that your social security record is accurate and this includes your correct citizenship status.