Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) Scholarship

The Charter Oak State College Foundation provides a Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) Scholarship to encourage students with knowledge equivalent to college-level learning to pursue credit via established CPL pathways. This could reduce the cost of your education and your time to graduation. You can use CPL to apply for credit instead of taking courses and can make use of the scholarship funds to take standardized examinations, request credit for credentials, or use the portfolio assessment process.

To apply for the CPL Scholarship you must meet the following criteria to be eligible:

  1. Matriculated at Charter Oak
    • At the time of application
    • At the time of the award of the CPL scholarship
    • At the time of the use of any CPL scholarship monies
  2. Good academic standing
    • GPA of 2.0 or better
    • Not on academic probation
  3. Good standing financially with the College
    • Not owe any outstanding fees
  4. Submit a fully completed CPL scholarship application to the CPL Office
  5. Have no more than one unsuccessful prior attempt funded by the CPL scholarship


  1. The CPL scholarship application is available in the CPL Forms section of Student Self Service on the MyCharterOak Student Portal; log-in is required for access to that section.
  2. You should first review the CPL opportunities and draft a proposed CPL plan.
  3. Then you should discuss your proposed CPL plan with your Academic Counselor, paying special attention to the applicability of any course challenge(s) to your degree plan, and obtain approval to pursue the plan.
  4. After that you should submit your approved CPL scholarship application as an attachment from your Charter Oak email to
  5. Only compete applications approved by your Academic Counselor will be considered.
  6. Responses will be sent from the CPL Office to your Charter Oak email within 15 business days of having received the completed CPL scholarship application.
  7. If you are awarded the scholarship, you must use the CPL scholarship funds within 60 calendar days of having been notified of the award. If the need arises for an extension, submit a request to Extensions may or may not be granted at the discretion of the CPL director.

You may apply for and receive the CPL scholarship multiple times, up to a maximum cumulative annual award of $500 for the fiscal year (July 1 – June 30); awards for partially funded CPL plans may be made.

The CPL scholarship can be used toward any combination of:

  1. Funding to cover the cost of a standardized examination, including administrative fees.
  2. Funding to cover the assessment fee for a single-course portfolio.
  3. Funding to cover the credential evaluation program fee for one credential.

Get more information about the Credit for Prior Learning Program.