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 Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)

Get Credit For What You Know!

Use Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) to save time and money - get credit for what you know and earn your degree quicker. If your learning matches a college course, we can probably help you prove that and get credit for it.

What Is PLA And How Can It Help Me?

What Is PLA Credit?

How Do I Get Credit For What I Know?

Who Should Consider PLA?

  • Do you have extensive work or volunteer experience?
  • Have you successfully completed workplace or other training programs?
  • Have you earned a professional license or credential?
  • Were you ever in the military?
  • Do you have learning that corresponds to college courses?
  • Can you document your college-level learning?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above, then consider PLA and continue exploring the options on this page.

When Should I Consider PLA?

  • The earlier in your educational planning, the better.
  • Avoid taking classes that you could earn PLA credit for.

Why Should I Consider PLA?

  • Save time!
  • Save money!
  • Earn credit!
  • Faster time to degree!

What Does it Cost?

Current fees are posted in the online College Catalog:

How Do I Get Help With The Fees?

Where Are The Forms?

  1. Log in to ACORN, the online student portal.
  2. Navigate to Student Self Service.
  3. Click on Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) forms.


HLSCI TAACCCT Grant PLA Activities

Contact the PLA Office.