Get Credit for What You Know!

Get Credit for What You Know!

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)

Want to get credit for what you already know? Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) is the way to do that. Save time and money while earning credit - Use PLA to earn your degree quicker. It doesn't matter where, when or how you learned something; if it matches a college course we can probably help you prove that and get credit for it.

What Credit Is Available?

How Do I Get Credit For What I Know?

When Should I Consider PLA?

  • The earlier in your educational planning, the better.
  • Avoid taking classes that you could earn PLA credit for.

Who Should Consider PLA?

  • Do you have extensive work or volunteer experience?
  • Have you successfully completed workplace or other training programs?
  • Have you earned a professional license or credential?
  • Were you ever in the military?
  • Do you have learning that corresponds to college courses?
  • Can you document your college-level learning?

If you answered "Yes" to any of the above, consider PLA and discuss your options with your Academic Counselor.

Where Can I Use PLA Credit?

  • Make sure any credit you earn from PLA will fit in your degree plan.
  • Credit from PLA cannot duplicate other credit you have.
  • Be sure to discuss your options with your Academic Counselor.

Why Should I Consider PLA?

  • Save time!
  • Save money!
  • Earn credit!
  • Obtain your degree quicker!

How Do I Learn More About PLA?

Watch these videos to hear from experts and other students who earned PLA credit:

Watch this short animation with examples:

How Do I Get Help With The Fees?

The College Foundation has made PLA Scholarships available to help you with the fees. The application with instructions is in Student Self-Service / Student Forms on the Acorn Student Portal (you will need to log in to the portal).

How Do I Contact The PLA Office?

Send an email message to the PLA Office.

How Do I Learn More About TAACCCT Grant PLA Activities?

See how the Connecticut Health and Life Sciences Career Initiative focuses on PLA.