__ Credential

Enter the exact name of the credential for the main heading (Heading 1)

Delete the instructions and the extra words, letters, punctuation, and spaces for each section when finished

Credit Recommendation

  • Course Name: # credits, __ division level
  • Course Name: # credits, __ division level

Effective Dates

Month Year through Month Year (Use the word "through" and spell out the months, do not use dashes)

Issuing Agency

Name of the Issuing Agency.

Insert link to their website in their name, the link should open in a new page.

Include a brief description of the agency from the report. 

About the Credential

Brief Description of the Credential from the report. If not available, delete section.

How to Apply for the Credit 

Credit Recommendation Details / Competencies

Course Title (in bold)
Course description or bulleted list of competencies / learning outcomes (from the review report). Not needed for Charter Oak courses with our course #s but you can use "Equivalent to ___ at Charter Oak State College" as the course description for those, which may look better if you are listing additional courses.
HELPFUL TIP: Use hard returns (hold the "shift" key while using the "enter" key) after the course name to prevent an extra space between the name and the description