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___(Training Sponsor) Training Program(s) OR Course(s) OR Exam(s)

Enter the name of the training sponsor and leave either program or programs or course or courses or exam or exams or some combination thereof, whichever applies. Then delete these instructions and the extra words and spaces in the Heading/Page Title

Program(s) or Course(s) or Exam(s) Reviewed

Modify the Heading to retain the appropriate terminology and then replace these instructions with the exact official name(s) of the Program or Course(s) or Exam(s) reviewed, choose singular or plural as applicable, do not leave "(s)"

An appropriate title for a grouping of multiple courses should be used when applicable. Use bullets for lists of programs.

Multiple reviews will require multiple sections or pages. Multiple reviews with different results can be separated by replacing the Credits Available section with separate sections named Credits Available Month Year through Month Year and removing the separate Dates Valid section OR by creating sections named for each review - whichever applies best.

For re-reviews with the same results just change the end dates and modify the descriptions.

Credits Available

  • Course Name (# credits, __ division level) Use bulleted alphabetized list

Dates Valid

Month Year through Month Year (Use the word "through" and spell out the months, do not use dashes)

Source of Records

Training Sponsor's Name (with hyperlink in it); City, State

About the Training Sponsor and/or Program or Course(s) or Exam(s)

Leave the appropriate section heading above. Include a brief description from the report. Use two separate sections (Sponsor and Program) when applicable.

Applying for the Credit

Have your training sponsor submit your transcript or record directly to the Registrar to apply for the credit.

PLA credit may or may not apply toward your degree plan.

Non-Charter Oak students will also need to use need to use the Credit Registry service to apply the credit to a transcript.

Course Descriptions

Course Title (in bold)
Course description or learning outcomes (from the review report). Not needed for Charter Oak courses with our course #s but you can use "Equivalent to ___ at Charter Oak State College" as the course description for those, which may look better if you are listing additional course descriptions.
NOTE: Use hard returns (hold the "shift" key while using the "enter" key) after the course name to prevent extra space between the name and the description