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All Our Kin Intensive Child Development Training Program

Credit Available

  • Early Childhood Field Experience OR Early Childhood elective: 3 credits, lower division level - CONTINGENT upon holding the CDA
  • Family and Child Advocacy: 3 credits, lower division level
  • Introduction to Working with Young Children: 3 credits, lower division level - CONTINGENT upon holding the CDA

Dates Valid

September 1999 through January 2012

Source of Records

All Our Kin; 134 Grand Avenue, 2nd floor; New Haven, CT 06513

About the Training Sponsor

All Our Kin, Inc., is a New Haven-based nonprofit organization dedicated to educating and empowering parents and teachers, giving families child care choices, and expanding access to high-quality early care and education for our most underserved children. Educating child care providers is a core component of the organization's mission.

Applying for the Credit

Have your training sponsor submit your transcript or record to the Registrar to apply for the credit.

About the Program

Intensive Child Development Training Course: 3 credits, lower division level
This 24 week, 30 hours per week, course is a hands-on, intensive study of child development and curricula, focusing on young children, ages 0 to 5 years old. Students learn frame-works, models and theorists of child development, influences on young children's development, and basic principles for planning high-quality, responsive educational programs for young children. Students learn to apply developmentally appropriate approaches to teaching and learning, and the foundations integral to creating challenging, respectful, supportive learning environments.